Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Thoughts on Cruising with the Ebola Crisis

Many people have been contacting me wanting my opinion on the Ebola Crisis in Africa. 

I have not wanted to deal with it on my page because the Facebook fan page for me has always been a place where we talk cruises and keep politics/heated discussions out. 

Debbie sent me the press release from Princess so I have attached it . 

My personal view is there are more dangerous threats out there in the world and they don't stop me from travelling. Flu/heart disease/diabetes/cancer/hunger/violent acts kill more people on their own than Ebola. All are bad and I hope they stop but none of them will keep me home. 

Dengue Fever is a bigger threat for me as a passenger sailing in the Caribbean. Princess even has a notification about it in my personalized. 

Friends always said why do you cruise cause you could get Norro... ironically I got Norro but got it at home. 

So my answer re Ebola is: 

  • I don't travel anywhere near the affected areas
  • I am not worried about a disease that is transferred only by bodily fluids
  • My love of travel means I can't protect myself from everything. 

Driving and getting hit by a distracted driver is more likely in my city. I will monitor all the comments here closely to ensure a respectful environment.  Here is a link to Princess' press release on the subject.   link to press release

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