Sunday, October 12, 2014

Our Next Cruise

I know we just got back you say... yes we did.  But the way our work is we go for long stretches in the Spring and Summer with no time off.  Fall hits and we then take our vacation.  So from now until late Winter we travel.

So this year we decided to plan a trip around a bathroom renovation.  

We are flying from Vancouver early November to Los Angeles and then are heading to Anaheim to go to Disneyland!  Yeah Disneyland.  

I have always wanted to go back to Disneyland.  I was there in 1970 when I was little and I never had kids and never thought of going as an adult.  

Well I did think about it but it wasn't top on our list. This trip I said lets spend a few days prior to the cruise in Anaheim.

We have a room booked within walking distance to the park for three nights.  Friends Angelique and Simon are going to meet us for two days too.  Can't wait to see them.

Then we board the beautiful Grand Princess for a ten night cruise to Mexico.  We absolutely love Mexico and this trip will allow us to visit some ports we love and one we have never been to before. We haven't been on the Grand since it had it's huge renovation so I will be snapping a lot of pictures to add to my album Grand photos

We stop in San Diego (which we were just at), then off to Cabo, which has reopened after the horrible storm.  I will report on the port and how it is doing.  

We then travel into the Sea of Cortez to visit Loreto and La Paz.  We have never been to La Paz but we have been to Loreto on a land vacation and loved it.  That was a long time though so I am looking forward to seeing it again.  

Our last stop with be Puerto Vallarta which never disappoints.

Now you would think that would be the end of the trip, but we still had a few days of vacation left so decided to extend the trip.  We will spend one night at a hotel in San Pedro and will rent a car and head up the coast to do some exploring around Los Angeles.

The next day we will board the Golden Princess for two cruises of three days each.  The cruise stops in Ensenada and there is also one sea day. We really don't care where it goes but a stop in Ensenada will allow us to get off and explore and maybe enjoy a meal.

So stay tuned.

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