Friday, October 3, 2014

San Diego Evening - Formal Night

We wake just in time for sail away.  We pour ourselves a glass of wine and sit out on the balcony for the beautiful sail away from San Diego.  The sun is setting, the reflection of the sun on the water and on the buildings creates a stunning landscape.  Everyone is out on their decks doing the same.  And as what happens on board we are all one big happy family and we chat with each other.

Oscar made us "special treat"
Tonight is Formal Night and we dress and head to Vines to see Anthony and Red and our great sushi chef Oscar.  I decide tonight we deserve a special treat and order two glasses of champagne.  Oscar has made us a spicy tuna roll for us to enjoy while we sip our drinks.  He keeps trying to get us to eat some tapas too but we have to save room for dinner too.  The Mariachi Band is playing and we are taking it all in.  It is hard to believe the trip is almost over.

We head to the dining room and sit and Mark and Lorelei welcome us.  The dining room is busy but not full.
The bottle of wine we had last night is brought out and we finish that off with some lovely cheese that is waiting for us at the table. 

There is something about cruising that gives us the time to relax and enjoy the evening with few distractions.  We sip the wine, enjoy the cheese and chat.  I know Princess says “come back new” and we certainly do but truly this is the time for us to reconnect with no distractions.  Time for us to enjoy some great food/wine, to share our day, to hold hands, to look in each other’s eyes and toast another wonderful day.

Okay back to reality ---

I order the spring rolls to start, the goat cheese with tempura soup and the braised short ribs for my entrée.  I enjoy all the dishes but the ribs I just eat a bit of, they are good but I wish I would of got the ravioli like Bernie got.  Of course Mark wants to get me an order but I say no I am okay, and I am okay.  Bernie had the escargot to start and then the tomato soup and the ravioli as his entrée.  Of course the lobster is a big hit tonight too and many around us get that.

This trip is a way to celebrate my birthday.  Since my birthday is in August and I can’t get away from work in August we celebrate on board in September.  Mark and Lorelei surprise me with dessert and sing Happy Birthday to me.  What a great treat.

Today I brought my phone to dinner so I can play a song and we can sing to Mark/Lorelei.  So once the dining room has quieted down we make them sit down and we play “Thank You For Being a Friend”, you know the song the one that is played for the show the Golden Girls.  Okay we don’t sing great but we want them to know that we love them.  And they truly are friends.

So after all that we are ready to check out what is happening around the ship.

We head over to Facets to see Ju Ju and he has his Polar Bear called Oregon there who gets along great with Jasper Moose Jaw.  Check out the picks.

The big balloon drop in the Atrium is happening.  The band is playing, people are dancing and we head to the dance floor to dance away some of that dinner. 

Up in Crooners we sit and enjoy a drink with Laura and she fills us in on what is happening with her.  She is quite excited as her honey is coming on board for a visit in LA for two sailing. 

It is just after midnight and well I wanted to go to Skywalkers but Bernie is dragging me back to the cabin.  He is the smart one, he knows I am better off just going to bed, and sure enough within a few minutes I am asleep.

Here is what was in the Patter for today’s events:  70s Cult Classic in Explorers, Production Show Blame it on the Boogie (8 and 10 pm), Football on MUTS, Movie Maleficent in the cabin, Music Trivia 70’s Disco, Big Band Ballroom Dance Date, Liam Stewart in Crooners, MUTS Godzilla, Princess Pop Star Heat #2, and the Balloon Drop Dance Party in the Atrium.
With regards to sales on board here are just a few of them:  Lotus Spa 20-20-20 3 treatments for $99, Contemporary Watches up to 35% off, Drink of the Day is the Hawaii Five-O.

Tomorrow is Ensenada, Mexico.


  1. Enjoy your posts and always look forward to following your latest adventure. Where will your next cruise take US! Hope to cruise with you both in the future. Thanks, Lorraine &

  2. Heading out again in November on the Grand and then onto the Golden... look forward to writing about it.