Wednesday, October 1, 2014

At Sea – Evening

Dressed and ready to head out to the Captain Circle Meet and Greet.  It is being held in Club Fusion at 7:15, note: there was an earlier one too.  Of course people are lined up starting at 7 pm and the line grows all the way past the photo department.  We just take a seat in Explorers and wait for the doors to open and the line to go down.  I once asked “why don’t you just open the doors earlier” and they responded if we did the people would just line up earlier.  So true, people are funny, they can’t wait to go in and they can’t wait to get out.

So anyways, we wait to enter and just walk right in.  The Captain is at the door along with the Captain Circle Host Fleur and we say hi again to them both.  We take a seat near the back of the venue near the door only because we usually chat quite a bit and when we sit among others, people get annoyed that we are chatting.  So now we just sit in the back where we won’t disturb anyone.  A lovely lady does join us.  Her name is Diana and she is a widow and we strike up a nice conversation.

As soon as the champagne is drawn the crowds exit en masse and we again just sit back and relax and wait for everyone to file out.  We run into Michelle and Mark and chat with them.  We haven’t seen them for a few days and need to plan to get together with them.

Dinner is back with Mark and Lorelei and tonight Claudio is joining us for dinner.  It is Italian night and we order a nice bottle of wine and the Head Waiter brings us some fresh Parmesan and Prosciutto to start and enjoy with our wine.
I ordered a nice salad to start and for my entrée I have the breaded veal served with zucchini and carrots.  Both were great!  But for dessert I just get some fresh fruit and finish off the cheese and enjoy the rest of my wine.
We really enjoyed the company too.  Claudio is so sweet, and it is hard to believe how long we have known him.  I am stunned too as today I found out we share the same birthday too!  No wonder I like him so much.

After dinner we wander around a bit.  Motor City the Production Show is playing in the Princess Theater.  This ship is showing two shows a night and the 10 pm is busy but since we come in late we just pop our head in and then leave.  We wander out along the Promenade and see what is happening in the Explorer’s Lounge.  Bernadette is hosting the Jeopardize Trivia Game, but again we are too late for it.  

We see Laura who is on her rounds of the bar to check on things and then we see Andy who is from the Lower Mainland of Vancouver but lives in Thailand now.  He works in the audio department but I am not sure of his title.  We sailed with him a few times and although we didn’t really get to know him well on those other ships tonight we chat with him and discuss common friends we have Frenchie and Kyle.  I think we chatted with him for around 45 minutes! 

Off to bed…. I forgot to mention that they have these amazing pillows on our bed, but I am going to have to change them cause they are feather pillows and for some reason they are really aggravating me and I am getting a rash around my neck and back/shoulders.  This has happened before but it has been a while.  So tomorrow I will ask our steward for some foam pillows for me, and hopefully the rash will die down, and I will stop scratching!

Tomorrow we are in Santa Barbara early and it is a tender port.  We don’t have anything major planned except a meal and some wine!  Life is good.

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