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I set the clock for 8 but I must of slept right thru it as I didn’t get up till 8:45 and I am meeting Janice at 9:30 so up I get and a quick shower.Don’t know why I even tried to do my hair, the weather is overcast and sprinkles and the wind at the water is brisk.As soon as I get outside the hair is a mess.

I meet up with Janice from my fan page who has come over to say hi to me and we head out to grab a coffee and get to know each other.  It is such a treat to connect with fans from my page, and of course chat cruising!

At noon I meet up with Bernie and our niece Nancy at the Red Stag Pub which is part of the Alexander Keith’s brewery.  I wish I could give it a good review but it was truly bad.  The food was really not good, none of us finished what we were given.  Bernie had the lobster chowder which he found very salty.  But we rarely use salt so we thought well maybe it is just this.  Nope… I ordered the honey chicken which was a big chicken breast which was moist but the rice and v…

Saint John New Brunswick and the Night Prior

We are a little slow getting up today.You see last night we were busy.First it started with Multi Media Trivia with the theme being 60s and 70s music trivia.We joined up with some ladies we met earlier Mark hosted.He played a bit of a song and we had to name the song and the artist.Wow we actually tied with another team and we were each given a bottle of sparkling wine.We left it for the women to enjoy.At 7:45 we had the Most Travelled Passenger Party. 

This is a party to honour the top 40 travellers on this voyage.  For this trip we are number 8 and 9 and we are happy to attend.  The Captain was surprised to see us and we posed for the picture, for which I will scan and put here when I get home. Oh and they had only one door open for the Most Travelled Party, remember last week I stated here that the queue was long and awkward to get in and looks like they have fixed it.  It ran much smoother this time.
Tonight we sit by ourselves and we both get a drink and then the appetizers start c…

We LOVE Boston

The gangway was opened at 10 am and everyone wanted to get off right away.Today there were two gangways open, deck 5 and 6 so we got off very quickly from deck 6.Last week there were three ships in port and we were parked (although ships don’t part they berth-but you know what I mean) the furthest away.Today we are the second of two ships in so we are in the middle.
As soon as we get off we are in a large warehouse type building that has some information about what you can do here.  Here you can buy transportation to the Quincy Market for $15 per person round trip.  
There are also hop on hop off tours too (although much cheaper just to exit the pier and buy directly).  Taxis are available right outside the pier too.  I grab a free map that outlines numerous routes and has the subway on it and we are good.
Once we are out we just cross the street and catch the Silver Line 2 bus.  It stops here often and it is an articulated bus so it can accommodate lots.  They have a stop here as well a…

Sunday Evening

The weather here in Rhode Island cleared up very nicely this afternoon.The sun is shining and it is rather hot, in fact I got a bit of a sun burn sitting out in the sun.
Bernie and I decided to go watch the movie the Internship in the Princess Theater which we enjoyed it was a fun movie.  Not something we would normally go and see and pay for but what a fun event to watch on a relaxing day on board.  The video on the screen was not that great and was blurry sometimes.  Not sure why but even though it was annoying it didn’t happen that much and we still enjoyed it.
Bernie went to trivia and won!  He really likes trivia and Melissa from the cruise staff was hosting.  He joined a few people from Britain and will look for them  the next time.  His prize was one of those great Princess clips with the magnet on it and we use it on our cabin wall and clip documents we need to access.I grab a chocolate Napoleon from the Horizon Court and a cup of tea and head down to the cabin and I sit out on …

New York Sail Away and Morning of Rhode Island

It is a lovely afternoon for a sail away and there are lots of people out for it.It is so nice to see so many people excited about their voyage.This is a great place to people watch.Most people are happy, excited, in love, hopeful and well just nice.Give it a few hours, fast forward to 8 pm as we sit outside Explorer’s Lounge.We sit waiting until dinner and we people watch as the passengers wander about the ship.Now is not a good time for many people.Many are tired from long day of travel.They are trying to find something, the dining room, a lounge, the theater, even a washroom.We notice a lot of people are short tempered and quite a few scream at their partners.Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.Hopefully a good night sleep will rejuvenate everyone.
Okay back to our evening and our regular scheduled program. 
We dance a bit, we enjoy a cocktail and we check out the views.  We are in a cabin that is aft right on Riviera deck so we can walk thru Horizon Court, thru Café Caribe to the …

Saturday – New York and Turn Around Day

I am woken this morning by the thrusters and the vibration that comes with them.It is 6:15 am – OUCH.I am awake!So I roll over and see that Bernie is now awake too.Breakfast in the dining room today starts at 6:30 until 8:30 in the Palm Dining room so we dress and make ourselves presentable and head down.It is nice to eat down here instead of facing the crowds in the buffet.
Back to the cabin and we both grab a shower and we head down to the International Café to get a tea and my latte and to try and find a quiet place to read but it is busy everywhere with people waiting for their time to be called.  We end up sitting at the bar in Crooners and chat with four women – three from California and one from Toronto who are travelling together. 
Our meeting time for In Transit people is 10:30 in the Crown Grill.  We have to bring our new cruise cards, our passports and a declaration form.  Which is odd since normally we don’t have to fill out the declaration card and we never even received o…

Friday – Ah a Day At Sea

It is so nice to know we don’t have to get up early, we can relax all day, we don’t have to go ashore – cause it is a sea day.
I am still full from dinner last night and Bernie heads up to get a bowl of oatmeal.  Horizon Court is busy he says when he returns with a latte for me.  That is all I need to get me going.
We shower and take our time getting going.  The main thing today is we want to see the Cooking Demonstration at 10:30.  The place is packed when we arrive at 10:15, so I suggest you head there early if you want to get a seat up close.

Now Mario the Maitre D and his staff doing the best show of all the ships I have been on.  You will love it, and you will laugh and you will be entertained.  Right from the start when Conrad comes out and gets the audience warmed up and then introduces Mario, and then the Executive Chef and then Douw we are laughing.  Mario is a character, but trust me he runs a tight ship.  You can tell his staff have a lot of respect for him and they get the jo…


We set the alarm for 8 and head down for breakfast – today they have the special of scrambled eggs/cheese with asparagus.  One of my favorites.

We dock at 9 am and we got clearance about 5 minutes later.  But again there is only one gangway and long queues that snake around the atrium.  Why don’t they have two gangways I don’t know. 
As soon as we exit the pier area we see Bernie’s brother Paul waiting for us.  So nice to see him again it has been a few years since I have seen him and for Bernie it has been a year.  He drove down from Cape Breton (four hours away) to share some time with us today.   How nice.

We drive out to Peggy’s Cove and walk around.  Boy is it busy here, there are numerous tour buses here and the crowds!  But it is beautiful but a bit too many people for me.  I know we will be back some time as Nova Scotia is a place we visit often.
We then get back in the car and drive a bit further to the Swiss Air disaster memorial, which we found to be very lovely and not busy at…

St. John New Brunswick

We are docked early and we have to leave early so we wish we could say we woke early but sadly we didn’t.We didn’t get to bed until late and we didn’t sleep well after all that food, and wine and time change.Yes the clocks went forward an hour last night to East Coast time.
I am still full from dinner so I opt out of getting breakfast.  We head ashore around 10 am and walk thru a little market of crafts and local items right at the pier.  We dock right in town, and it is easy to walk almost anywhere if you are physically able.
There were selling numerous tours right at the pier including the hop on hop off buses.  There are a few taxis here too and we jumped in one and headed to the Reversing Falls look out, which was rather close and we had the tai wait and then take us back to the city center too.  The cost of the entire ride was $15.There is a mall in the downtown where you can find pretty much anything you might need, including a Starbucks and Tim Hortons and both have wifi.  We wal…

Tuesday Evening

The Most Traveled Cocktail Party is this evening in Skywalkers at 7:30.  We arrive just after and there is quite a line up at the bottom of the walking sidewalk.  Someone is checking names from a master list and also calling out names.  This is quite odd, not sure why they don’t just take our invite and cross off the names one at a time then send us up the ramp to meet the Captain.  I know they need to make sure there is no bottle neck at the top but they could always wait before sending up the next couple.
I am not sure what number were are on the list but I know we are not near the top.  The third highest is around 900 days with the top being around 1300 days.  We are just over 300 days but we are definetly the youngest in the crowd.  Many people have been on for the last Baltic cruise then did the crossing and are doing the first Canada New England.  The couple we sit with from Adelaide Australia did exactly this.  A very nice couple to sit with and we enjoyed our time with them.

We …