Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday Evening

We head to the early show at 7 pm tonight.  Again for those that know us attending the shows is not something we normally do but we love Alberto and the Princess Singers and Dancers will be doing one number.  The show starts with them and of course we are dancing in our seats, just wish they would of done more than one show.  Then Neil Roberts comes out and introduces the Caribbean Princess to all of us and shows a great video.  We even see people in the video we know!   Then Corey Moir gets introduced as the Deputy Cruise Director and he introduces the Cruise Staff.  

The show continues with the featured comedian Steve White and we have to say we haven’t seen him before!  This is great cause we usually see the same comedians time and time again.  We laugh our head off with Steve and look forward to his show tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is at 8 pm for second seating in the Palm Dining room.  We are sat at a table for two and our waiter – sorry forgot his name but will post later took very good care of us.  We started with the standard egg rolls, then I had a salad with the balsamic vinegar dressing, then the sea basa fish dish for my entrée.  All were amazing as usual, very hot and tasty.  Bernie had mushroom soup and salad and then for his entrée he had the leek and ricotta cheese tart.  Neither of us had any dessert but I did enjoy a cheese plate with the rest of my wine which was the Jack London. 

Douw took such great care of us all night and we were so happy to see so many familiar faces, it is like coming home week on board.  Mario the Maitre d’ hotel came out and said hi and a hug and we commented on what a great crew he had.  We agreed to try and sit down and catch up some time.
We were one of the last to leave the dining room and we made our way to Facets Jewelry Store to say hi to Delmarie.  She caught us up on what has been happening in her life and we chatted till the stores closed. 

Heading back to the cabin we stop and listen to AJ Clarke in Crooners, he is playing piano and singing and sounds great!   We will definitely have to try and make some time to see him.

A final note of the entertainment.  The band Retrospect plays in Explorers, there is a juggler Aaron Bonk in the Piazza.  

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