Thursday, September 19, 2013


View from near Peggy's Cove
 We set the alarm for 8 and head down for breakfast – today they have the special of scrambled eggs/cheese with asparagus.  One of my favorites.

We dock at 9 am and we got clearance about 5 minutes later.  But again there is only one gangway and long queues that snake around the atrium.  Why don’t they have two gangways I don’t know. 

As soon as we exit the pier area we see Bernie’s brother Paul waiting for us.  So nice to see him again it has been a few years since I have seen him and for Bernie it has been a year.  He drove down from Cape Breton (four hours away) to share some time with us today.   How nice.

Lobster Roll

Memorial for those who have passed on the sea


where we ate

The Bluenose - seen on our dime coin

We drive out to Peggy’s Cove and walk around.  Boy is it busy here, there are numerous tour buses here and the crowds!  But it is beautiful but a bit too many people for me.  I know we will be back some time as Nova Scotia is a place we visit often.

We then get back in the car and drive a bit further to the Swiss Air disaster memorial, which we found to be very lovely and not busy at all and beautiful views.
A further drive along the water and we head to Mahone Bay – now this is a beautiful town but we don’t stay as we are on our way to Lunnenburg.

Another lovely town and the views to die for.  We stop and have a meal at a restaurant called the Old Fish Factory.  I had a lobster roll and it was so good and tons of lobster and a nice view.

We walk down the street to look out at the Blue Nose and it is so cool to be looking at the ship considering how often I look at it on a dime.

We drive back to Halifax and we are at the pier around 4:30.  There are numerous shops in the pier area with lots of different items.
We didn’t have a lot of time to explore Halifax but we are back next week and we will do more then.  Plus we have been here before and seen quite a bit then.  It has grown quite a bit and look forward to coming back.  In fact this is one city we think about retiring to, so you just never know.

We set sail at 6 pm tonight and the Showtime is a Tribute Act Horizon that will be performing Motown and More.  Movies Under the Stars is Star Trek into Darkness.


  1. I am really enjoying your Canada/New England blog, Vickie. We are doing the same cruise in October. Have they offered people an excursion when you get back to NYC to do a NYC tour? Our flight does not leave until the evening, and we are hoping to book a tour through Princess.

    1. thanks Anonymous, there are a few tours in New York that end at the airports. I haven't written about it but will look for the flyer and try and write next week.

    2. Thank you so much, Vickie. Continue to enjoy both cruises! Lucky you!

  2. We will be on the Caribbean Princess 10/12-10/19. Taking a 6 hr private tour of the Halifax area and beyond. Look forward to it.
    What is the weather like???