Monday, September 23, 2013

We LOVE Boston

The gangway was opened at 10 am and everyone wanted to get off right away.  Today there were two gangways open, deck 5 and 6 so we got off very quickly from deck 6.  Last week there were three ships in port and we were parked (although ships don’t part they berth-but you know what I mean) the furthest away.  Today we are the second of two ships in so we are in the middle. 

As soon as we get off we are in a large warehouse type building that has some information about what you can do here.  Here you can buy transportation to the Quincy Market for $15 per person round trip.  

There are also hop on hop off tours too (although much cheaper just to exit the pier and buy directly).  Taxis are available right outside the pier too.  I grab a free map that outlines numerous routes and has the subway on it and we are good.

Once we are out we just cross the street and catch the Silver Line 2 bus.  It stops here often and it is an articulated bus so it can accommodate lots.  They have a stop here as well as one further down (great if you are the first ship in port and parked the closest).  

Fare for adults was $2.50 and for seniors $1, note they do not give change so it is good to have exact change.  You don’t need a transfer cause the bus will take you right to the subway. 

What is cool about this bus is it is run on diesel then it enters a bus loop where poles go up and it is run on electricity.  Then it runs underground…. So stay on!  We took it to South Station where we got off and went down the stairs to the red line going inbound towards Alewife Station.  We rode the red line three stops and got off at Charles/MGH Station.

We walked down Charles Street and window shopped into many of the Antique stores.  When we got to Boston Public Garden we grabbed a coffee and sat on a bench and watched the people go by.  The weather is amazing, feels like summer and I wore jeans and a long sleeve top and I am hot.  But that wind can gust up especially when you are walking between buildings so be prepared.

After our respite we cross over Beacon street and take the obligatory Cheers Pub picture.  Now although it is neat to look at this is really not the real pub, last week they said the outside shots were filmed here.  The actual pub scenes were filmed on a Los Angeles Film Stages.  The restaurant/pub upstairs here has been redone to look just like the sound stage though and they do have a gift shop where you can buy Cheers merchandise.  We did not go in.

We cross the street back to the Boston Public Gardens checking out the beautiful flowers, statues, paths and views. 

Cross Charles Street and into the Boston Common and we head towards Tremont Street and the start of the Freedom Trail.  It is easy to spot cause the trail is marked with a red brick or painted line on the road/sidewalk.

As we found the trail we were following a family and the young girl walked right into this steel overhang of a statue.  Guess what – she was on her phone and wasn't looking!  Thankfully she was okay but she is going to have a big bump and that just goes to show you – don’t walk and text!

We walk up to the State House , then Granary Burial Ground, Old South Meeting House, Old State House, over to Faneuil Hall (where we used the washroom).  We walked around Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market for a bit then decided lunch was in order. 

It was one pm and we knew we wanted to try out the Union Oyster House from a friend’s recommendation.  It was very busy – their claim to fame is it is the oldest restaurant in North America.  It is old and lots to look at.  The food was good, very pricey, service was okay, I loved my Bloody Mart and Bernie loved the clam chowder, but the crab cakes were so so and it was over $80 for our lunch or crab cakes, and two drinks each, ouch.

Back out walking and following the Freedom trail again over into the North End and Paul Revere’s House.

This is where we both decide to end the walk on the trail and make our way back to Mike’s Pastry on Hanover Street.  We pick up a dozen cannoli’s this time.  One for each of us and then the other ten are going to the Maitre D and his crew for a treat tonight after their dinner. 

We start walking along the Waterfront walkway and very soon we are at the Evelyn Moakley Bridge.  Originally we were going to take transit back but heck we are almost there so we just continue back to the pier on foot.

Now it should be noted that we walk  A LOT at home so this walk today was fine for us.  In all we walked around 12 km and it was all relatively flat.  But if you have issues with walking I strongly urge you to take transit, a taxi, or a shuttle.  Even the Water Taxi can transport you along too for $10 each.

We are back on board and we are enjoying our canolli on the deck and I think Bernie is going to need a nap, heck who am I kidding I need a nap too.

In the end we both didn’t want to like Boston cause they beat our Canuck hockey team in the playoffs a few years ago but we both fell in love with Boston.  We wish the ship could of spent two days here instead of stopping in Rhode Island, but we are glad we got to visit it twice.  I also know we will come back here and spend more time, at least a week.

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  1. Vickie - So glad to hear that you loved my city of Boston! Next time you come to Boston please let me know and I can stear your away from the "toursit" trap resturants like Union Oyster House!