Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bar Harbor

I wake to someone talking loudly in the hallway….. What time is it?  Why are they talking so loud?  Then I realize we have dropped anchor and it is the purser’s staff announcing that the tender service is now available.  Oh…. It is 7:15

We decide to head to the dining room for breakfast this morning and we had a lovely table right near the window and pancakes and sausage hit the spot.  The staff here are amazing… so attentive and patient. 
I will state that there was a bit of a queue to get a table but they moved it along very fast so patience is necessary but worth it.

We are not going ashore for a bit so we are down in the coffee bar enjoying a latte and a tea while we see so many grab tender tickets to go ashore.  We are meeting up with Delmarie to go ashore and enjoy a nice meal.  The sun is shining and the place looks beautiful.

Around 11 am they no longer require that you go to the dining room for tender tickets.  Although we don’t require tender tickets anyways cause of priority but we aren’t in any rush.  We only head ashore around noon.  The ride is quick and the weather is lovely, a light jacket is required as the winds can be cool.

When we get ashore we head to find lobster.  We walk up the main street to the Lobster Pound.  A nice simple restaurant that a local recommended.  We sit outside and order a drink and well some lobster.  Bernie gets a lobster roll dinner and I and Delmarie get a pound and a quarter whole lobster.  Marketprice for the lobster was $15 and then we added on the meal option for an additional $12 which included chowder, mussels, fries and corn on the cob and a piece of pie for dessert.  Oh my what a lot of food but I really dug into that lobster!  It was so good and so fresh. 

After the meal we are so full and we need to walk a bit.  We walk around the streets and pop into a few stores.  I ended up buying a tshirt that has the lobster with the sign that says “say no to pot”. 

We stroll along the water and then we are back on board around 4 pm.

Dinner tonight is the Crown Grill with a dear friend but it is going to be late around 9 pm as he can’t really get away until then.  But it works out great for us cause we have the Most Traveled Cocktail Party tonight at 7:30.  Yes it is a cocktail party as this is something Captain Pomata prefers and personally we do too.  We don’t know where we fall in the numbers as we have not even met the Captain Circle Host yet and I can’t be bother to wait for his desk hours.  We hear he is from Buenos Aries and Delmarie speaks highly of him so we will say hi soon, well tonight for sure.

Bernie is trying trivia this afternoon again.  Me I am just going to wander the ship.  Got some great pictures of the entire ship earlier today for my fan page.  Make sure to head there and check out the album when I get back.  Here is a link to my fan page.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cruising-Princess-Cruiseline-with-Vickie/240526055979098 

I sat in Vines for a bit and enjoyed two glasses of my wine that is stored at Vines and did some Sudoku puzzles and Bernie joined me after his trivia for which he said he did poorly at but met a lovely Mother Daughter from Ontario.

I am back in the cabin now.  Earlier in the voyage Bernie gave me some little pampering items and I am indulging in a deep moisturizing hair mask and a facial mask, trust me, no pictures of this will be put up here on this blog.  But the results may be later on tonight at dinner.


  1. Hi Vickie, I think you meant to put the FB link and dropped in the blog address by habit. Looking forward to the pictures.
    Glad y'all got a cocktail party not a luncheon this cruise!
    A CruiseCritic reader who has this itinerary later was wondering if the main dining room lunch is only on the one sea day (closed all those port days?)?

    1. thanks for letting me know about the link, yes I had it wrong and it is correct now.

      Since we have been in port every day the dining room has been closed and is only open on sea days. So for this itinerary it will be Friday.

      Oh the cocktail party was lovely.

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful time....Thanks for taking us along it really helps the time go by while waiting to leave on the Royal TA...ENJOY !

  3. We adore the Caribbean Princess. She's a lovely ship and we have happy memories of her. i'm so glad you are too.