Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pulling Things Together For Packing

Packing... no longer one of my fun things to do anymore.  With airlines restricting and charging so much for suitcases and over weight fees we have to think seriously about what to bring and what not to bring.

Ironically in this household it is my honey Bernie who brings too much.  He is like this naturally.  He is always the one who is prepared, has the special medication you might just need.  I swear the doctors on board come to him when they run out of supplies.  Now I may be complaining now but when I get a sore throat on board I really appreciate that cold medication.  Although for this trip since we are staying in the US and Canada and are in port five times each week I said we don't have to bring it all.  I believe every port will have a place we can buy what we need.

Thankfully we also have laundry services with our elite status.  This allows us to bring a lot less and wear the same clothes the following week easily.

We are also doing formal, yeah go figure.  But with Bernie buying a new suit recently he wants to show it off!  

So I can proudly say I am down to two dresses, two dress pants, four blouses, one pair of shorts, one pair of capris, one skort and one pair of cords.  A few t-shirts and two casual blouses.  A sweatshirt cardigan and windbreaker.  Then of course the usual, pjs, one set of work out wear (with five ports I will probably not get to work out as often as usual), two pairs of dress shoes, one pair of runners, flip flops, and casual shoes.  Oh and bringing a bathing suit too, just in case I get the urge to go in the hot tub.

Oh and why is I feel the need to iron everything I take!  It is only going to get wrinkled in the suitcase, but yup I still will do it.

Now there is just some last minute things to do.  Clean the house thoroughly.  This way our house sitter comes into a clean house and hopefully leaves it clean too.  Pedicure for those flip flops.  And then pack it all away. 

Still have a few days of work too..... but it will all come together, it always does.

Follow along on our adventure as we get ready to leave.

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  1. We are doing the same cruise next year so I will be interested to see what you like and what you don't enjoy..
    Have fun.. what ship are you going to be on. We will be on the Ruby.