Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Evening

The weather here in Rhode Island cleared up very nicely this afternoon.  The sun is shining and it is rather hot, in fact I got a bit of a sun burn sitting out in the sun. 

Bernie and I decided to go watch the movie the Internship in the Princess Theater which we enjoyed it was a fun movie.  Not something we would normally go and see and pay for but what a fun event to watch on a relaxing day on board.  The video on the screen was not that great and was blurry sometimes.  Not sure why but even though it was annoying it didn’t happen that much and we still enjoyed it.

Bernie went to trivia and won!  He really likes trivia and Melissa from the cruise staff was hosting.  He joined a few people from Britain and will look for them  the next time.  His prize was one of those great Princess clips with the magnet on it and we use it on our cabin wall and clip documents we need to access.
I grab a chocolate Napoleon from the Horizon Court and a cup of tea and head down to the cabin and I sit out on the deck and read.  So wonderful and sunny.  When Bernie comes back we enjoy it together and have a drink to start the evening.

Tonight is formal night and we dress up, yup three formal nights so far and we dressed up for every one.  So far it has been nice but the menu for the next formal is not one of our favorites so we will be opting out of it and eating in the Horizon Court.

Okay back to today.  We head down to dinner and the second seating is busier than last voyage but there are some vacant tables.  For tonight we are enjoying some champagne to toast the evening and I start out with some soup and then some lovely pasta that was made special for us, garlic, chilies, olive oil and pasta boy that was delicious.  For my entrée I had the Cornish game hen and Bernie had the vegetarian spinach dish with a few shrimp from another entrée.  Of course I enjoyed a cheese plate for dessert to enjoy my last bit of my wine.

The tribute act tonight is Horizon.  They were on at the end of the voyage last week but we didn’t get to see them so we are making a point of going to see them tonight.  They are a Motown Tribute Band and they are very good.  We sing along to every song and even dance a bit too. 

I tried to talk Bernie into going to Skywalkers for some dancing but he says he is too tired so we are back in the cabin and we fall asleep soon after at around midnight.

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