Thursday, September 26, 2013


I set the clock for 8 but I must of slept right thru it as I didn’t get up till 8:45 and I am meeting Janice at 9:30 so up I get and a quick shower.  Don’t know why I even tried to do my hair, the weather is overcast and sprinkles and the wind at the water is brisk.  As soon as I get outside the hair is a mess.

I meet up with Janice from my fan page who has come over to say hi to me and we head out to grab a coffee and get to know each other.  It is such a treat to connect with fans from my page, and of course chat cruising!

At noon I meet up with Bernie and our niece Nancy at the Red Stag Pub which is part of the Alexander Keith’s brewery.  I wish I could give it a good review but it was truly bad.  The food was really not good, none of us finished what we were given.  Bernie had the lobster chowder which he found very salty.  But we rarely use salt so we thought well maybe it is just this.  Nope… I ordered the honey chicken which was a big chicken breast which was moist but the rice and vegetables were very bland and the chicken still had the skin on and was very fatty.  All in all it was poor food, service was non existent and the prices were high because of the connection to the brewery.  Of course when we were trying to pick a place to meet we could only think of this place as it is some place we knew of. 

But we were so happy to spend time with our niece Nancy even if it was just for a few hours.

Bernie decided to wander back to the ship and I did more exploring.  I am going to write a blog report just for Halifax with maps and things to see cause it is a great port to explore.

I did stop in at pier 21 which is right beside our cruise ship pier and went in.  It is an amazing museum all about the people who came in and out of this port.  Mainly immigrants and soldiers.  It is sort of like Ellis Island of Canada.  The cost is minimal – just under $9 per person.  Make sure you watch the video that runs every hour.  It is very well done and gives you a great perspective of the entire museum.

I walk thru the museum building which is connected with the Pier 22 that our ship is at.  There are lots of shops selling tons of different things here – and I am shocked I didn’t buy a thing!

I am back on board at 5 pm and Bernie is just finishing up with Trivia – for which they did not do well.  We are back in the cabin and I am putting my pictures on my computer and catching up with my blog and messages.

Tonight is formal night (note last week it was held Wednesday night, this week it is Thursday).  It isn’t my favorite menu.  Normally I would just skip the dining room but we love seeing Douw and our wait staff.


  1. Just curious, what's "not your favorite menu".

    1. there are some nights that the menu is not our favorite but we always seem to find something we like and have never gone away hungry.

  2. A cruise trip sure is best shared with family and friends.

  3. The place is really awesome Now I know why tourist like to visit here.

  4. Janice is a friend we made on our British Isles cruise!