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Jan 26 - Aruba

Aruba - Fourth Time in One Year is a Charm

Of course Aruba is beautiful, and so many people love it, but it isn't one of our favorite places. Too flat, too busy, too expensive, but the beaches are beautiful! So since this is our last port we are going to head ashore and head to Eagle Beach. We get to the bus terminal and board the bus and low and behold many of our friends are on board.

It is very very easy to take the local transit bus to the beaches here. Walk to the terminal and catch the bus that is heading to the hotel zone, I believe it is the #10 bus. You can buy a return ticket or one way only. Lots of people on board will help you with where to get off if necessary. We decide to head to Eagle Beach. We cross the street to the beach and rent a chair and order a drink and relax. The water is beautiful, the weather is fabulous and we are on vacation!

Allan checks out a makeshift swing

Brian and Bernie

check out this beach!

We don't spend too much time at the beach, maybe 2.5 …

Jan 25 - Curaçao

Curaçao or So We Thought

When we originally booked this trip we were quite excited because it was originally scheduled to go to Bonaire, one of our favorite places, especially for snorkeling. However about six months prior to the trip Princess changed the itinerary and replaced Bonaire for Curaçao. We were disappointed but well what can you do. We like Curaçao and today our thoughts were to head to KonTiki Beach and just relax.

The morning starts out normal, we are sitting in the Piazza enjoying our latte and breakfast items and we both notice that we should be docking, but we seem to be going away from the island. Shortly the Captain comes on the speaker to announce unfortunately because of high winds were are not able to dock safely at the pier. Of course we hear grumblings all around us, but we discuss our options with our friends.

We call up Mike and Sue and head over to check out their suite and the large balcony, and of course some wine, made only better because of the com…

Jan 24 - Grenada

Oh my what a sight - and I am not talking about GrenadaWe are all ready docked, it is early but we are alongside the pier in Grenada and we open up the blinds to look out to see another ship right across from us and our view are many of the passengers from that ship waking up and getting ready too. Maybe too much of a view, my eyes notice a man right across from me who goes up to the balcony window in his tight black undies! Way too much to see! Does he not understand that there is a ship right across from him! Obviously not because he actually comes out on his balcony. I see it is a ship that is carrying mainly Germans and maybe they are a little more free than us. Oh well, but I still haven't burned that image out. Wanted to take a picture but figured that would not be appropriate.

We are here until 2 pm and so we need to get up and get going. We booked a tour with Native Spirit that is going to take us to some snorkel spots. Cath…