Sunday, January 29, 2017

Saturday Evening – Dinner and Welcome Aboard Show

We start out with Muster Drill.  Our location is the Princess Theater and we are on Baja so it is only a few flights down. I couldn’t help hearing a few comments that I wanted to share here.  

One was “what about people who can’t go down the stairs right now?” I responded they take the elevator.  Note everyone, if you require an elevator let the attendants at the elevators at Muster Drill know and they can assist you.  

The second was this woman who told her husband “don’t touch the railings going down – use your elbows”  I agree there are a lot of germs on ships.  But germs are everywhere including malls, parks, your home, schools everywhere. The main way to remove those germs is to wash your hands with soap and water. Going down stairs without holding onto the railing will probably be more dangerous than going down and falling because you didn’t want to hold the railing.  I will add that this person was holding the life jacket – which probably had quite a few germs on it too.  So wash your hands whenever you can.

After Muster we went up for sail away and enjoyed a drink while enjoying the company of Ali and Ginny. 

Both of us are a little tired and we just relax in the cabin for a while.

I will say that the new beds are fabulous. This is not the first time we have experienced them but we sure love them. Love not having to ask for a top sheet anymore and the bed is so plush with a big pillow top.

We need to change out our mini bar but that will have to wait till tomorrow when we can get thru to room service.

I meet up with Bernie in Vines for some wine before dinner. I get some cheese from the IC and the moment is complete.

Around 8 pm we head to Michelangelo Dining room and request a table for two.  We did have to wait a bit but not very long.  We are actually sat at the exact same table as lunch but dining room below.

Our servers seem very flustered.  They do have a large table behind us of 12 and two table of 2. We order a bottle of sparking water and they take our card but then he loses it. 

The waiter comes back asking if he returned it to us and then says he lost it.  He is looking everywhere for it when we notice the head waiter pick up a card over by the large table asking if it belongs to any of them. Well it doesn’t it is our card.  This has just made our waiter a little more nervous.

I start out with the artichoke bisque which I normally love but when I  get it, it is so salty it is not possible to eat. It is like drinking sea water.  Oh my!  They do offer to bring me something else but I am okay.

My entrée is Princess burger with mushrooms and stilton cheese – make sure to check out the burgers on the anytime side as they are often very good.  Plus none of the entrees caught my attention this time.  

Bernie had the spring rolls and the ricotta and leek tart and both were very good.

We really enjoyed chatting to the the two guys beside us who are from Vegas – I believe their names were Sam and Sheridan.  Lovely couple who we really enjoyed getting to know.

For dessert Bernie wanted a Bugsy martini but is told it is not possible to get as the bartender in the galley can’t make it. 

Oh okay…. We are surprised we have never had a problem getting it before. I get the cheesecake which is very yummy!  

So we have to go to Crooners to get Bernie’s Bugsy martini and I get a Bramble.  The staff there are fabulous – very personable, helpful and funny.  The piano player Salamon Parra is someone new we have never seen.  He is good but doesn’t appear to have the crowds we have seen with others.

At ten we go to the Princess Theater to see the Welcome Aboard Show.  The demographics are mainly American, there are only just under 400 Canadians and a handful of other nationalities.

Comedian A.J. Jamal is hilarious.  We have never seen him before and really laughed our heads off. Will definitely be back to see his next show.

Off to bed!

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