Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday January 27 – Last Day at Disneyland

Since we went to sleep so early last night we are awake early and we are determined to get there early today. But first I am craving pancakes – weird I know.  I rarely eat pancakes but today that is what I want. 

We decide to catch the ART bus early and go to the IHOP right across the street from the main gate. It works out perfectly and they even let me order a three stack of pancakes. 

As soon as the park opens (9 am) we are in! We have a game plan.  First California Adventure for the Radiator Springs Cars ride Fast Passes but the queue just to get the fast passes is like 100 long! So we decide to just take our chances and head to the ride and we go in the singles line and we wait maybe five minutes and most of that was walking there.  

Next stop is Toy Story ride again and it is a long queue but 40 minutes passes as we chat with others in line.  Bernie woops my butt again! 

I head to Paradise Pier Roller Coaster and as a single I have no wait at all.  Boy that run is fun!

We wander along the pier enjoying the sites and the sounds enjoying a few bits of entertainment throughout. It’s Tough to Be A Bug is our next stop as we didn’t make it last time as the ride had technical difficulties.  I really enjoyed it! So cute and loved all the effects.

Okay we are done with California Adventure and we cross the parks to Disneyland – it is CRAZY busy.  

Maybe not as busy as the holidays but it is twice as crowded as it was on Tuesday for sure. With the train down for refurbishment it forces those to walk to all areas and it does create pinch points.

We head to Frontier Land to get fast passes for Thunder Mountain and we don’t have to wait too long. Just enough time to get a coffee and sit and watch people go by. 

The only other area I want to see is Fantasyland which of course is crazy with all the young kids. We ride Pinocchio’s Daring Journey and then the Storeybook Land Canal Boats. 

But after all the lines, crowds, we are ready to head out. We have been here for 7 hours and we are hungry and want to sit down and enjoy a good meal.

We catch the #1 ART bus down Harbour Boulevard to Joe’s Crab Shack and this time we can get in. We enjoy a great meal with great service. We catch the bus back to the park and then the #12 bus back to the hotel.

It is 5 pm and I wish I could say we still were heading out for the night but both of us are tired. 

I do some ironing – many of our dress clothes for the cruise (well all of them) are very very wrinkled. 

Bernie is still suffering with that cold but it looks like the worst is over. 

Tomorrow we board the Ruby Princess!  Really looking forward to it.

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