Monday, January 23, 2017

Arrived in Los Angeles

Touched down at Los Angeles airport around 1900 after a very long day of flying.

Left Lima Peru at 10 am with a stop in El Salvador.  So after flying for 10 hours we arrived and requested our Uber. Within minutes our driver Richard was there!

Nothing beats Uber – get the app – our ride to Disneyland area was $51 and took about 40 minutes.  Robert was very professional, helpful (even told us what the weather would be like tomorrow), enjoyed our conversation all the way too.

We had pre reserved the Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort for five nights.  It was a good price with great reviews although a bit further away from the park than we were last time. But it is on the ART line. We were greeted by two very professional women at the front desk.  I dealt with Jessica who was so helpful with providing the best room for us.

Jessica gave us details about the hotel and was so nice about making sure to contact them if we had any questions.  

Probably one of the best check ins we have had in a while. Especially after being in Peru where it was very sterile and basic.

Boy entering a hotel room never felt so good.  We have a nice big room with such comfy beds and four pillows!  I immediately started the bath!  Oh consistent hot water.  Of course Bernie’s first thing was to turn on the tv.  Not that he really needs it but after not having English TV for a while he is ready for it.

Bernie just asked what the plans are for tomorrow and well we know we are off to Disneyland for four days but we are in no rush to head there.  Sleep, a good meal and getting settled then we will venture to the park.


  1. Sounds like the South America was a blast. Are you going to post a blog about your land trip in South America ?