Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wednesday January 25 Day Two at Disneyland

It was so nice to sleep in and boy did we need it.  We were both very tired. 

After waking we enjoy a coffee and watch tv and just relax. 

Today we are not heading to the park until later as we will be there late into the evening to catch Color of the World.

The hotel has a great breakfast for a reasonable price and while enjoying breakfast I quickly get the blog up and pictures and stuff as the Wi-Fi in the room is minimal. The router is a bit far from our room so I have to stand next to the door just to check things on line and forget about uploading pictures to my cloud for my blog as it just keeps dropping the signal. 

Not a huge issue as I accept it and I don’t need to be connected all the time.  I am also working hard at trying to focus on life around me and not on my phone/tablet screen.

Not that I had an issue with always being on line but I want to experience life first hand and that is my goal.

After breakfast Bernie does two loads of laundry. The hotel has laundry facilities but Bernie comments that it is rather confusing to find and the room is small with no where to wait. 

We didn’t pack a lot of stuff so doing laundry is one necessity and since the weather is colder than anticipated we are wearing the clothes we brought for the Andes – long sleeve shirts, pants etc.  Shorts and t shirts are staying in the bag.

Bernie trying hard to take a selfie

We head to the park later – catching the bus just after 11. 

Today we are focussing on California Adventure.

We arrive and grab a coffee and head to the Radiator Springs Fast Pass but it is down!  Ending up being down all day making many of the other rides busier.

So we get fast passes for Soaring Around the World and walk around Grizzly Peak and then around Paradise Pier. 
Riding the Fun Wheel, California Screamin, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure.  We try to get into It’s Tough to be a Bug but it is down currently.  So we wander around A Bug’s Land, Cars Land then around Hollywood Land. 

We made sure to get a sundae at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain.
Make our way to the Soarin’ Around the World and that ride is amazing!

I should add they are celebrating the Lunar New Year and have lots of things set up around Paradise Pier to reflect the celebration including menu items, face painting, lantern making, acrobats and Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession.

I really wanted to head into Disney Animation Building and we go the Turtle Talk with Crush and the Animation Academy – that was cool.

We had reserved dinner and passes to view World of Color at Carthay Circle Restaurant. We arrive at 6 pm for our reservation.  Beautiful dining venue but odd to be dressed so casually here and the couple beside us is in a Wookie Hat and she has a Tiara seems appropriate for Disney but odd for this nice restaurant.

It is a set menu and had a few choices for appetizer and entrĂ©e and two desserts for a fee of $62 per person.  We add a glass of wine and raise our glasses to a great day.  

The food was very good but nothing special but certainly better than what I expected. Dessert was a monkey bread with caramel sauce but it was cold, sure would have been better warm.  Overall it was a nice treat but I probably would not do it again.

After dinner we try to go to the bugs life show and we make it all the way into the theater but they have technical difficulties and we are escourted out.  Oh well.  

We take the long way around to the viewing area for World of Color.  It starts with a show about the Lunar New Year that lasts about five minutes then the World of Color Show starts. All I can really say is wow!  Very impressive! 
Sure glad we saw it and how we did.

One thing I have to add is the couple beside us both had their cell phones out video taping the whole thing.  So they watch this great show thru their phone. They missed so much because they are so focussed on capturing it with their camera their eyes don't get to see it and feel it.

After the show we all file out and we arrive in the transit loop and our bus is there.  There are quite a few people and there is a family with four small kids. Two little ones are tired, one is crying.  Mom has one, Dad has the other.  The other two kids are fidgeting and restless.  Dad is balancing kid and stroller.  I offer some help and offer to take stroller but they say they are okay.  But when the child in Dad’s arm cries for Mom, Mom takes him and now she has a child in each arm.  

But she can’t board the bus easily so she turns and says here can you take him.  So I gladly take the little guy who is 3 I find out later, in my arms and he cries but settles and hangs on as we all get on the bus.  While on the bus we find out they are a large family travelling together from Utah and they stayed late and the kids missed their naps.  No worries, I am glad to help.  

Back at the hotel we quickly crawl into bed and a few minutes later we are asleep.  

One thing is today I felt like I was 8 years old in a 51 year old body.  Disney brings that out in me. 


  1. If you guys are in the US, there are millions of us who would like to house swap with you. How many of us do you think your home in Vancouver could hold (say for the next 4 years or so)?

  2. Hi bags packed... sounds like a great plan but we would have to find a place for the other adult that is in our home who never travels with us.