Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday – First Sea Day

It was so nice to sleep in today. With an hour forward we wake at 9:30 (really 8:30) and just relax and watch the Wake Show and take our time getting ready.

Bernie does head up to the Horizon Court (HC) for a light breakfast and it is very busy he says. Hard to find a seat and when he asks a woman at a table for four with only herself if he could sit there she said the seats were all taken.  

Sadly he sits right beside her and only her spouse showed up and the other two seats stayed empty. I guess people are afraid, inconsiderate or just uneasy. But cruising is really about being on a ship and interacting. Take some time to get to know your fellow guests you just never know who you might meet.

We finally leave the cabin around 11 am and the Atrium is very busy – they are doing the raffle draw from embarkation but as soon as that is done it quiets down. 

But we take seats in Crooners and read and do crosswords.

They are doing a Curtis Stone Restaurant Open house and I really want to check it out. 

Sure looks good, so we make reservations for Thursday for the two of us.

It is now just after 1 pm and we are hungry so we head to Da Vinci for lunch.  Again we ask for a table for two and had to wait only a few minutes. 

Lunch was very good and our server Caesar from Peru excellent.  I started with the Thai soup and then the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, for which I could only eat half of.

After lunch we wander around a bit but end up sitting in Vines reading and chatting with friends who stop by.

We happen to see Lisa Ball go by and got to say hi to her. So lovely to see her again.

We check in with the Captain Circle Host – I believe her name is Collena from North Vancouver.  Beautiful young woman and we love chatting about Vancouver.  We find out we are number 19 out of the top 40. This voyage will have a cocktail party for the Most Travelled Party on the night of Mazatlán. 

The next night is the Captain Circle Party.

The Dining Room opens at 5:30 on deck 5 and they are lined up past the IC by 5:10.  Thankfully we eat later. But tonight we are heading to the HC as they have an Indian section tonight and we love Indian.

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