Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday – Second Day in San Francisco

We wake around 8 am and Bernie heads upstairs for some oatmeal, but I am still full from dinner.  We are being picked up this morning at 9:30 by Simon and Angelique.

We head to the gangway at 9:15 but right as we get there they closed it.  Apparently the port needs to adjust the gangway.  We wait and wait and the line gets longer and longer and people’s patience is wearing thin.  We take it in stride.  

Although I was disappointed in the way one couple acted who approached the line and insisted because they were Elite they should get priority for getting off!  They stood right near the roped area and as soon as it was cleared they budded in…. obviously they did not read my etiquette blog.  
Part of me wanted to say hey we are elite too and probably a lot more sea days than you and we all have been waiting… but I didn’t… it would of served no purpose with these two.

Angelique and Simon are there waiting for us where we are whisked off to the Golden Gate Park to the De Young Museum for the Botticelli to Braque:  Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland.  

We toured the exhibit and then checked out a few other exhibits.  We stopped in the coffee shop for a coffee.  We are surprised how busy it is for a Tuesday.

a goffer peaks out

We are heading back downtown to Yank Sim Dim Sum Restaurant which they both love and we are anxious too cause it has been a very long time since we had Dim Sum. 

The food is very very good and it keeps coming!  Another great meal with great friends.

Back in the car we ask just to be let off at the BevMo as Bernie wants to look for a champagne.  But sadly we don’t find it and it is okay.  

We then walk back to the ship enjoying the sights of the city on foot.  A stop in for a coffee along the way, a peak in a few shops, some picture taking along the way and all of a sudden we are back at the waterfront.

It is busy down here.  Even though the sun is shining the wind is strong so a sweater and light jacket are necessary, but then a short while later it is too hot for the jacket.  So I spend a lot of time taking and putting on the jacket.  The weather is very similar to Vancouver.

When we arrive back at pier 27 and the ship at 5 pm – all aboard is 7:30, there is a queue just to get in the building.  

The security is checking our id with our cruise card.  That is odd cause they did not do that last night when we came back.  We show him and then they are holding people back from going up the escalator and there is a line for that.  

Finally we are allowed to go upstairs where there is a queue for the x ray scanners.  There are three machines but they have only one up and running and I would guess the line up has about 200 people in it.  

We patiently wait chatting with people around us.  Once we get thru that line we walk up to the gangway and a quick scan of our card by ship’s security and we are back on at around 5:35.

35 minutes to get on the ship.  And with the issues this morning with the port adjusting the gangway for  over a half hour.  And with the port only having one gangway for this big ship.  My personal thought is San Francisco Port is still not on the ball when it comes to servicing Cruise Passengers.  These issues were entirely the fault of the port not the cruise line.  

I love San Francisco and I know many others do too and I can’t wait to come back but I would take note if I was to sail from this port the pier still needs adjusting.

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