Sunday, May 3, 2015

Night in San Francisco

I head up on deck around 1 pm to watch us going under the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is not often that we get to do this during daylight and boy is it busy, but I wander to the aft area and take some nice shots and video of going under. 

I then head on top of the bridge area for some neat shots of the very interesting docking procedure.  The wind is HIGH and the ship pulls up and then turns around and then docks.

The thrusters have to work extra hard to counteract the winds.  It is around 2:20 by the time the lines are put in place and the gangway is up and we are cleared to go off. 

There is a gangway on deck six midship and one on five but that one on five is for crew only, mainly because they have different screening and the gangway is not easy to maneuver.  The gangway on deck six is very similar to the kind you would use to go onto a plane.  

But the lines to get off the ship snake all around the Atrium and into the Casino to who knows where.  We look at each other and realize there really is no way we can get off quickly, get to Max’s diner and back before 5 pm.  So we go back to the cabin and drop off our stuff and get a light snack up on the Lido deck.  We then get an ice cream and sit at the Aft pool and enjoy the sunshine (although it is windy) and watch the happenings below.

shuttle to pier 39

At 5 pm we walk right off the ship and thru the new terminal.  It is a beautiful terminal and the outside area is large with lots of places to site and for people to come in and pick up people.  There are pedicabs, taxis, buses and a free shuttle that runs between the port and Pier 39.   

Transit is close at hand and many other options. Make sure if you want to learn more about the pier check out my video/blog.

Simon and Angelique our friends of ours we met many years ago on a cruise and have stayed in touch with and have seen often whenever we have come down here or they have come up to Vancouver.  We always get along and we love the same things and it is so great that they have agreed to come down for the night and spend it with us.

Simon meets us right at 5 and we are driven to their hotel where he runs up to get cleaned up and we take a seat in the bar at the Fairmont Hotel.  

We sip our martinis and catch up with them.  Three rounds later we better get going or we will never see the dinner reservations.

We get a cab to Fringale a restaurant that Simon and Angelique have raved about before and we are glad to get to finally try it.  But omg that taxi driver was crazy… I thought we would of died, but I laugh cause Angelique comments at least if we would have been in accident the alcohol on our system with of eased the impact.  But we made it.

The restaurant Fringale is nice, small, subdued and very welcoming.  We are met by the owner and shown to a table for four.  The menu is fresh and simple but great variety.  

The back has a whole meal option and we are told we can order items from that fixed menu if we like as well.

We start with a bottle of white wine and we all order appetizers.  For me it is a crab/avocado with mango salsa.  

Bernie got the amazing thinly sliced calamari that was sauteed in a chili oil.  Angelique got a charcuterie plate that was done so nicely and Simon had a nice salad with a light dressing with sliced apples.  

We shared all our starters with each other and ummmm and ahhhed at each bite.

For our entrees we had a bottle of red wine and I had Sauteed Petrale sole that was lightly sauteed and served with mashed potatoes and this red pepper and cheese sauce.  It is not something I would normally think of pairing but it was to die for.  

Bernie and Angelique got the roasted leg of lamb which they raved about and Simon had the braised short ribs, and MAN was that flavourful and tender.

I got a beautiful cheese plate for dessert and we are in heaven.  This dinner has been amazing!  A real treat.  I almost wish we could come back here tomorrow but I have made note of it and I will be back.

We are dropped off at the ship around 10 pm and we walk right back on and crawl into bed.  An amazing day but I am full, and tipsy and very very tired.

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