Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thursday – Astoria

We wake to the sounds coming from below.  We are just above where the door opens for them to throw the lines.  

The thrusters and the winches for the ropes are noisy.  But it is a decent hour (7 am) and we had a good sleep.  You certainly don’t need an alarm clock for this cabin. 

But I will say this cabin is so very quiet all the rest of the time, but when coming into port or leaving it is very noisy for about an hour each time. 

We get clearance to go ashore about 7:45 and the International Café is busy.  Today I go and get the coffee/tea and see Beethoven behind the bar. 

I really like their set up here for ordering.  There is a large menu board above and even one on the counter.  A sign clearly identifies “Order Here” and to the left is another sign “Pick Up Here”.  They ask your name when you order and call out your name when it is ready. But note this is all changing with dry dock next week.

Very foggy first thing

ship's photography dressed as lumberjacks

stalls set up at pier

No set plans today except to meet up with Beatrice to go ashore and grab a meal for lunch.   

She is off work and we meet her and head ashore.  

I have never been here before but the weather is lovely and a friend has recommended a water not far from the pier. Bridgeview Bistro is not far, maybe a 15 minute walk.  

There is a lovely Riverwalk you can easily do.  There is also a shuttle that will take you right to town too as well as a trolley too.

A few stalls have been set up on the pier to sell local stuff.

Bridge View Bistro

Lunch is very nice.  We all order a drink and I get a beef burger, but Beatrice gets a nice ahi tuna burger that looked amazing.

After lunch we walk further enjoying the sites.  We see some sea lions and some nice birds.  I wish we had more time here but I know we will be back.

Plus after stopping here for a stop I know we could always drive down here and visit it for a few days too.

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