Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day at Sea – Wednesday

Oh my is the ship a moving.  I am sure there will be a lot of people who are sea sick today.  Huge swells!  Often the spray covers our window completely and the room goes black.  

It is sunny out and temperatures are around 14C but I think it is pretty windy out there. 

I can’t believe I slept until 10 am!  I really needed it though I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since we left LA and even last night I woke often cause of the movement of the ship.  

But I feel very rested today.

This is our first and only sea day and the day is filled with activities.  Of course the normal things are happening the Onboard Outlet Sale and the Culinary Demo/Galley Tour are huge draws.  

They are doing the pub lunch today and there is the Sound of Music – Sing Along in the Princess Theater too.  

For me it is going to be all about relaxation and lots of reading.  

The ship is busy inside and feels crowded because the weather outside is just not nice enough to sit out there.  

This forces everyone inside.  It is difficult to find space in the Atrium to relax, the Art is taking up a lot of space in the Explorer’s Lounge for the next auction.  Vista is an option but there are constant events happening there so it is noisy.  I did consider Adagio or Skywalkers but with all this movement of the ship it is probably not the best place to hang out.

The Captain announces this morning in the cabins that they had to slow down the ship because of the weather and altered course a bit to ease the movement (gee wonder how bad it would have been if we had not altered).  Right now we are 3 hours behind schedule because of it but he hopes to make up some time during the night.  He advises everyone to hold on to railings and to take caution when moving about the ship and in your cabin.  The pools have been closed and many open deck areas are closed too.

I sit in Crooners and chat with two guys from New Jersey (Jim and Jason) and catch up with Red.  When Bernie joins me we decide to have lunch in the dining room.  

After lunch I find a quiet spot in Vines and enjoy a coffee while reading.  

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