Sunday, May 3, 2015

Monday at sea until 2 pm then San Francisco!

Bernie got the coffees (so nice to have the coffee bar so close to the cabin).  He comments when he comes back how they have a great set up now.  They clearly have identified where to place the order, they ask your name and then they call out your name and deliver your coffees to another clearly identified area at the bar for pick up.  (note this is all changing during drydock). 

Although Bernie said while he was waiting a couple came up to the wrong area and asked for coffees, the staff gladly got them the coffees and then said politely that next time if they could go to the area marked place your order.  But this couple did not like this response and got upset.  Oh well….

We don’t arrive in San Francisco until 2 pm.  We are scheduled to go under the Golden Gate Bridge around 1 pm.  

We are both excited to be back in SF.  One of our favorite US cities, well actually correction probably our FAVORITE US cities.  

It reminds us a lot of Vancouver and love the sites, the food, the wine, the people well everything but the high cost of real estate (but then again Vancouver is high too).

Our plans are to head off as soon as we dock to head to a favorite deli (Max’s) where our friend Paula and Minn took us last year to share a meal.  

At 5 pm our friends from Sacramento are meeting us for drinks and then dinner.  They are spending the night here and will meet up with us again tomorrow as the ship doesn’t leave until 8 pm Tuesday night.  Oh how fun a night in San Francisco.

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