Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thursday Night - Most Travelled Party and Sabatinis

We have a busy night planned.

First we are up at the Elite Lounge for a drink and to say goodbye to Rock and David.  We really enjoyed our time up here and the views are so much nicer here than in Club 6 on the Royal. 
Tonight is the Most Travelled Cocktail Party.  We are honoured to be in the top 40.  

Princess hosts a cocktail party or a luncheon for the top 40 passengers (in days).  I like both.  The luncheon is nice cause you get to spend time at a table with one officer. But sometimes we have had bad experiences with this too where the other passengers at the table take this time to complain to the officer about anything and everything.  

The cocktail party is usually held in Adagios and you can sit wherever you want, you can order whatever drink you want and the food that comes around is amazing.

We get a picture with the Captain as soon as you come in. Then we take a seat with Rick and Monika.  Liz soon joins us, then Stephano joins us.  

Jazz is serving us again and she keeps them coming. Waiters come by with food and then Claudio and the Captain stop by.

It is a nice way to meet and chat with many officers.  We have a great time and laugh our heads off.

After the party we make our way over to Sabatinis to enjoy a lovely dinner with Claudio, Francesco and Liz.  

It was nice to chat with them all and see what they have been up to.  Francesco and Claudio give us tips for our Italy trip coming up this Fall.  

The food was very good and the service was top notch. Sabatinis on this ship is aft all the way up and the place is lovely with great views.

To see Sabatini's menu click here

After a full night we are ready for bed.  Tomorrow is Victoria and our last day.

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