Thursday, April 3, 2014

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - April 2, 2014

Up early – WHY!  Maybe my body is telling me it is time to get ready for going back to work and very early shifts?  But I read for a bit and wake slowly.  Bernie has gone to get the coffees and we sip and read for quite a while.

Yesterday was the first time I took out my IPhone and looked at my upcoming work schedule for next week.  So last night I was thinking about work and returning to reality.  This morning it is the same – what do we need to do on Sunday to get ready for our work week?  What routes am I doing?  What days off do I have next week? 

Also what is more tragic is we don’t have another cruise booked before we get off this one.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.  It isn’t that we don’t want to sail again.  It has more to do with this trip took most of our vacation this year.  We still have a few weeks late in the year but are hoping to do a land vacation (famous last words).  Also we will probably book the Royal for next January/February just not sure of the dates.

Both Bernie and I head up to Horizon Court for our breakfast, I refuse to go back to the dining room for breakfast as I much prefer to grab something quick and hot than slow and cold from the dining room.  I enjoy a hot bagel with hazelnut cream cheese and an apple.  Just right!

We are not docking in Puerto Vallarta until noon so we still have a lovely morning to enjoy.  There is a lot of sea life out there today.  Lots of whales, turtles, and tons of dolphins, and as we approach the Bay of Bandaras millions of jelly fish.

I attend the speed Sudoku in Adagio Bar at 10 am.  This is the first time I have been to one as they only hold it on port days when we are normally on shore.  Today I arrive a few minutes early and oh my do you ever feel the vibration up here.  It is horrible.  I know we feel it in our friends cabin A747 but it doesn’t feel this bad.  I have to say this ship you really feel the vibration, more so than the Emerald, and not sure why.  Okay back to Sudoku I suck normally at trivia but I am good at Sudoku and I come in second and win a lanyard.

The ship is crazy – one thing about docking at noon people are chomping at the bit to get off and have converged in the Piazza near the gangways. 

I walk out to the Promenade deck and watch as they set up the gangways and the vendor are setting up.  A Mariachi band is starting to play and the photographers and some locals dressed in full Mexican costume are there to pose with those coming off. 

My favorite thing was watching so many of the crew who were having family come meet them and tour the ship.  The crew were so excited, I see them running all over the pier trying to find their family and once they do meet up the hugs and kisses and tears.  Lovely and I am touched.

The gangways are packed with people when they open them up.  I am glad we decided to gather at 1 to go off and even then it is still quite busy.

Today we decided to go to Bucerias which is a town about 20 minutes by car north of the port.  We offer to our friends Jan/Michael and Barb/Craig to join us.  Since we are docked at pier 3 (new to us as we are normally at 1 but a Carnival ship is there and a Holland ship is at pier 2) we see we have a very short walk to the main street.  There is now a brand new mall right there too!  We cross the street so we can catch the buses going north.  Right away a bus comes by and we flag it down.  Cost was just around $1.50 US each.

We get off right near the town center of Bucerias and wander around looking at the vendors and the shops and giving the others a chance to see the town.

Our restaurant was one that we had found on line and also a friend on board had recommended.  El Burjo is right on the beach and offers us the opportunity to enjoy a great meal on the beach and to go swimming too. 

A bucket of beer, a few margaritas, chips, salsa and some amazing dishes and lots of laughs.  Oh and the vendors constantly floating thru with their items for sale.  I did buy a pair of earrings and we did enjoy a Mariachi band but that is all we paid to the vendors. 

We stayed here for about two hours and it was a great time, and I am glad the other two couples liked it too.

We all agreed to a walk so we cross the little foot bridge, also known as the kissing bridge and started walking South along the road we use to take to get to the hotel we once stayed at.  We didn’t walk for too long, maybe a half hour before heading up to the main street and catching the bus back to town.  Just look for the bus that has the Walmart on it’s windshield.

When we arrived back at the port the others went inside the gate but we decided to do a bit more walking and walked to Sorianas, which is a large grocery type store.  I wanted to pick up some more Maja soap that we can’t get in Canada any more.

We then head towards a small ice cream place we use to go to but it is no longer there.  So we enter the port at the gate near the Carnival Ship and walk back to our ship.  The HAL ship has already left.

All aboard is 7:30 and at 8 we are off, sadly…. As this is our last port of the trip.  Two sea days and then Los Angeles.

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