Sunday, April 13, 2014

Last Night of Cruise - SAD, VERY SAD

Can you believe it!  This is the last evening.... 

We decided to tackle the packing just prior to dinner and amazingly we did

it together and we had only a few stern confusing looks at each other but we did it very well and we still loved each other at the end of it.  

We got everything in the three bags and the carry on.  We left one small roller bag to store my camera stuff and then store the necessities for the evening.

The hallways are filling up with lots of suitcases but they seem to really be on top of things and are collecting the bags constantly.  

A last drink in Crooners to toast the cruise.  Of course the place is busy, many others have had the same idea as us. Here is my last Bramble drink.

We wander around the ship to say goodbye to all our new friends.  A few tears are shed, lots of hugs, and promises to keep in touch.  It is easier to say goodbye tonight than to say goodbye tomorrow in the midst of all the craziness.

A last night with Mark and Lorelei in the dining room.... even they are emotional.  We have been blessed having had the chance to be served by such an amazing team.  I hope they realize how special they made our cruise and how they added to the joy of it.  You are both welcome to contact us in Vancouver for a tour anytime you are in port.

After dinner we try to hook up with Johan but he is not in his office.  I know we will see him tomorrow though.

The International Crew Show is tonight, it has been a long time since we have been to one so we walk in and grab a seat last minute.  

It was a lot of fun and of course Dan and Lisa certainly make a great comedic pair.  

The finale is the If I Were Not Upon the Sea and to see Dan in his ballerina outfit was priceless.  We are so glad we decided to attend.

We crawl into bed and snuggle and feel sad it is over, but happy to be heading home too.

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