Thursday, April 3, 2014

Evening - April 1 – 2014

We are not hungry tonight and neither of us feels like dressing for the dining room.  We still have three bottles on our wine card so we get a bottle of wine from the card from the dining room and we take it to vines.  Note you can’t use your wine card in Vines or any bar, silly I think.  You bought the card you should be able to use it anywhere. 

But we do take the bottle and sit in Vines.  Anthony is happy to get us some glasses and some sushi/tapas.  I had the tapas and sadly they were not good, except for the chicken brochette was good.  The asparagus wrapped in salmon was not to my liking but may be to others.  The Bruchetta was so salty I couldn’t even eat it same for the crab stuffed mushroom. 

I just head over to the International Café and grab a Cuban Sandwich and some orzo pasta salad and that hit the spot.
A bottle of wine later and we are wandering about the ship.  The Ole Pub Night is happening in Explorers and since we missed it last time we grab some seats up front but way to the side.  Even twenty minutes early it was hard to find seats.

It was a fun night and really enjoyed the show but it probably is not something I would come back to see over and over like I would many of the Production shows.  Oh and Bernie and I were brought up on stage to take part in the pub games, and well we did not do very well.  But we did get a Princess magnetic clip each. 

We did enjoy the sing a long and the jokes they told and the songs they performed.  It is a nice change and addition.

It is just after 10 and we crawl up the stairs to the cabin and what do we see but our luggage tags and disembarkation information in our mail slot.  Oh well reality sucks but we are ready for it.

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