Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Breaking News - Small Fire! - April 1, 2014

Thought I would let everyone know that tonight while watching the comedian in Explorer's lounge a bridge announcement came over the speaker.  First Aid attend to Incinerator Room Deck 4.  

All I thought, oh I hope there was not an injury to one of the workers.

Back in the cabin around 10:30 and announcement comes over the speaker all over the ship including the cabins.  It is the Captain explaining what has happened.

Apparently there was a small fire in the incinerator silo.  This is a large silo that holds waste before it is put in the incinerator.  The fire has been put out and they are just dealing with the smoke in the area and cleaning up the mess.  Everything is okay.

At 11:08 pm there is another announcement in the cabin from the Captain.  First Aid can stand down, meaning they are no longer needed.  

Captain Foster once again informs us that everything is okay and explains again what has happened and that they are investigating why it happened.

We are still on our way to Puerto Vallarta and will arrive at noon and apoligizes again and tells everyone they can sleep in tomorrow.

I have never been on when there has been a fire but I am quite impressed on how well this was handled and how well informed the Captain kept us.

I will post more if there is more to report.

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