Tuesday, April 1, 2014

At Sea – March 31, 2014

Two more sea days before we arrive in Puerto Vallarta.  We wake and head out on to the balcony and it is again warm.  Patter says 32 for today…. But at least we get the breeze off the water to keep us cool.

I head up with Bernie to the Horizon Court for some breakfast and the port side is very busy so I go over to the Starboard side and it is much quieter.  Cereal, toast and fruit are all I need today.

Down to International Café for a bit of caffeine, well you know the story……

Bernie goes to trivia and I head to Explorers where nothing is scheduled and relax at one of the couches and read for two hours.  Oh I finished my book yesterday and started a new one “The Replacement Wife” and can’t put it down.
When Bernie joins me after trivia (they didn’t fair very well he says) he says he is craving a dining room burger so we head to Da Vinci and are sat at a table for 8 and Bernie gets his burger fix.  I had the Weiner schnitzel which was very good. 

Back to the cabin and I lather on the sunscreen and sit out on the balcony…. But I only last an hour as it is just too hot and I don’t want to burn.  Oh and I saw a few turtles too.

Tonight is our Captain Circle Party at 7;30.  Again they are hosting four different Captain Circle Parties due to the high numbers of Platinum and Elite passengers.  When we head to the Promenade deck for the party the line up is huge.  When we finally get it, it is packed and there is obviously not enough room for everyone.  But we are okay hanging out at the back of the room and we get some drinks and I see they are walking around with some appetizers but we never got offered any.  I don’t think I have ever seen a CC party so busy. 

We duck out around 8:15 for dinner and Key and Sherri join us at our table tonight.  I had leechie/watermelon and ginger appetizer, gazpacho then for my entrée I had the beef stroganoff all was very good.  Mark even surprised us with a song… he has an amazing voice and we are really going to miss him.

After dinner we head out for a stroll and stop in to Explorers where Mark is hosting Jeopardy game.  Club Fusion is having Rock and Roll night, and the usual entertainment in various venues.  Up on Sun deck we admire the stunning sky and all the stars.

Today was a great day, very relaxing, lots of reading, chatting with people, and catching up on me time.  

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