Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday Evening to Thursday Catalina

Jasper checks out some souvenirs

After a quick dinner in the Horizon Court we checked out the Beattles’ trivia in Explorer with Matias – we sucked at that.  Then came back for the Princess Pyramid Game, we joined a couple Rudy and Mabel from San Francisco area and we had a good time, both Bernie and I attempted to guess the answers, but once again we sucked.

Matais - Deputy Cruise Director
There is a Welcome Aboard Show, one time only 9:45 and I say we never go to the Welcome Aboard Show so lets go, we arrive right at 9:45 and it is quite full but still able to find a few seats.  Martyn Moss is our Cruise Director and I really enjoyed the show.  I loved how they showed a video of the amenities on board and Martyn described what the passengers could expect.  Love it!

We are in bed early and we need it! 

We awake and feel refreshed and ready to enjoy the day.  We head to Amafi dining room for breakfast and have a lovely meal with a lady - Audrey.  We get to meet Rui the new Maitre d’Hotel and of course Douw is there. 

Rui - Maitre d'hotel

The sad news is that they don’t have the wine card on board this voyage.  Apprently it is because there is no sommelier on board.  Really I think, now all the times we have ever sailed we have never purchased wine from the sommelier, we have always purchased our wine directly from the very knowledgeable bar staff, waiters and head waiters.  Oh well we were going to get it but we will pick up some wine in Catalina instead, Princess you are loosing sales here.

Our meet and greet is today and we are about 30 people it is nice to put names to a face.  We have a bit of time to kill before arriving in Catalina at 1 pm so we wander around the stores (even buy a lovely Fossil watch) grab a latte and read a bit and chat up with a few passengers.

We choose not to get lunch before getting off because we really want to grab a meal ashore. 

Catalina is a tender port and we head to the tender around 1:30 (one of the perks of elite is you get priority tendering).  A short trip to shore and we are off like bandits.  We stop at the information booth and find out where we can get information for a hike, they direct us to the Catalina Conservatory where we find out better info on where to go. 

We walk past the golf course up the hill side thru the campground (follow signs to the botanical garden).  At the end of the campground is a sign directing us to the trail with a warning of rattle snakes!
What I say!  And I make Bernie lead the way.  The hike took about 45 minutes to the lookout and what a view! 

We feel great and so glad we decided to head out on this hike.  We hike back down and stop for a meal at a great Mexican restaurant.

love this -- a golf cart tow truck

After the meal we wander down the street to find a grocery store to get some wine.  We get six bottles (they even offer a 10% discount when you buy six). 

Not sure what we are up to this evening, we aren’t hungry but do want to do the trivia at 7 which is the tv theme song trivia, then we would like to see the comedian Jim MacDonald.  We have seen him before and really enjoy his show.


  1. Thanks Vickie, I am enjoying your blog. I wish we were there as well. We have a 55 day back to back to back planned for March and April so we have to save our pennies.
    But I am certain we will be on the same ship at the same time once again.
    Keep enjoying it and keep reporting for us.
    Carolyn and Ken.

  2. I am a bit late in reading your blog.... But it has made me all melloncoly (sp) .... For our world cruise last year we have captain toddy and the wonderful Rui !!!