Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday – Sea Day

I NEED coffee

Oh no when will I ever learn?  I am not 29 anymore, I can’t drink like that, I am old now! 

I have a headache, my tummy doesn’t feel good – probably drinking as much as I did was not too smart.  We need to pace ourselves from now on. 

My eyes open and I am confused, what time is it, a quick check of my small travel clock shows 9 am!  Wow can’t believe we slept that long, but it was a late night.   I am so slow at getting moving, the last thing I want to think about is food.  But Bernie needs a tea, so we are up and showered and in the Piazza for tea (water for me) by 10. 

I do leave a note for Loida because for some reason my bed squeaks like crazy!  And it is loud.  Bernie’s side is good but mine the springs squeak every time I shift, waking me up and probably Bernie too.  Loida is going to take care of it she says.

The halls have all the disembarkation information in the mail slots, we smile cause we no we don’t have to get off.

There is a Sudoku challenge and I normally love doing them but I really don’t think this foggy mind is going to work well this morning.

Jasper and Peter

We also pop by to see Peter and give him his little daily gift (we wanted to give him a little something every day, nothing fancy but something just for him) he is family and he is away from home for so long. 

The morning is spent checking out the sales (didn’t buy anything) and reading.  Meeting friends from the roll call for lunch in Portifinos.  Lunch was very good, started with a lovely salad, and Chicken Korma and fruit for dessert.  It was great meeting up and getting to know each other.


Tonight is dinner at the Crown Grill and I need to get this blog written and a work out in before then.

Activities today include:  Bocce Ball, Golf and Croquet, Volleyball, Bible Study, Tour of the ship, Ping pong tournament, Sudoku challenge, Zumba, Trivia, golf chipping contest, slot tournament, Closest to the Pin contest, Friends of Dr. Bob and Bill W.  Sommelier Wine Tasting, Bingo, Jumbling tower challenge, X-Box Kinect, Afternoon tea, Dodgeball challenge, Line dance class, GLBT gathering. 

Entertainment today is:  MUTS:  Big Miracle, Stevie Wonder, Red Bull Last Man Standing, U2 Vertigo, Genesis Invisible touch, Pink:  Funhouse, Red Bull Massive, The Avengers.  Jazz with Tim and the Star Princess Orchestra, Arkadia String Quartet, Afternoon movie The Three Stooges, Martini Demo, Ragtime Piano with Tim Barton, Ballroom Blitz Dance Date, Movie What to Expect When you are Expecting, Maxman Duo in Wheelhouse, Who Sang What?  Featuring Rock & Pop, Music by Tempo Quartro in Vista Lounge, Opus in Explorers, Comedy Showtime with Jim McDonald, Big Band dancing, Liar’s Club Gameshow, disco with Dollar, Karaoke.

Specials today in the Patter:  Spa top to toe, 75 minutes full body massage plus a spa facial for $139, Liquor and Tobacco charge and carry buy two bottles of Absolut Blue for $26.99,


  1. Wow a gift a day for 27 days to Peter, did you bring a whole spare suitcase just with gifts. I'm sure he's delighted :o)

  2. they are small tokens, and did take up half a suitcase but this is what we like and it makes their day and deserve it

  3. They are lucky to have you cruising with them :o)