Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday – can you hear the waves it is a day at sea

Wow it is 9:30, well really 8:30 but the clocks went forward.  So much for breakfast in the dining room.  I want to head to Sudoku so I am dressed and out of there in a flash.  I came in third in the Sudoku challenge and won a lanyard, and since I have lots of them I gave it to the nice gentleman next to me.


A quick breakfast in Horizon Court of mixed fruit and Muselix – boy it is busy up there at  10 am, but I am guessing a lot of people are thrown off by the time change too and the dining room closing at 9.


We head to the Piazza for my espresso and Bernie’s tea (he loves the new tea specialty tea brands he is finding here).  We see Jim MacDonald the comedian from last night and we tell him hi and how much we enjoyed his show.

Felipe and Delmarie
So now that we have eaten, gotten our coffee, it is time for a workout and we both head up to the gym for a good workout.  Oh what a view!  The gym was busy when we first got up there but it doesn’t take long for it to clear out – lunch time.

The afternoon will consist of some R and R out on deck in a bathing suit and cold beverage.  So bathing suits are on, sunscreen is slathered on and we are off to sun deck, aft area.  Great area, close to the washroom, close to a bar, close to a Jacuzzi, close to a pool and rather quiet.  We hang out there for about two hours before Bernie heads back to the room, I head to the spa to enjoy the steam room and sauna; however sadly the steam room was not that hot and the sauna was definitely not that hot.  This area is in desperate need of some TLC and is showing it’s age.  Thermostat was broken in the sauna, so I couldn’t tell you what the temp was but put it this way I could of hanged in there for hours and I believe with saunas it shouldn’t be like that.

We are both in the cabin now and right on queue around 5:30 we hear the drum solo just below us, no sense watching tv as it is hard to hear.  So we put on our iPods and read until it is time to get ready.  It is intermittent the sounds from below to only when they are rehearsing or the show is on.  I always like to think it could be worse – we could be above another bar that is only all night, or God forbid we actually had to cook and clean here. 

Bernie has been talked into being one of the models for the Runway Show tomorrow in Explorer’s Lounge where they will be featuring the new clothing items in the boutiques.  Stay tuned for the full story tomorrow and when I get home I will definitely add pictures.

Emilio (Hotel General Manager) and me, so nice to see Emilio again

Tonight is formal night and also the Captain’s Welcome Aboard Party.  We haven’t been to the Welcome Aboard Party in years and decide lets check it out and we have a good time and enjoy meeting many of our fellow passengers.  I even decide to try my turn at pouring the champagne on the champagne waterfall.  Yes!  I have never done this…. Hard to believe but true and now I can say I have done everything!

Captain Todd McBain
We meet up with friends for drinks in Wheelhouse then move over to Sabatinis for dinner.  For those that don’t know Sabatinis has a $20 coverage charge for a fabulous meal.  I chose to start with the calamari my favorite appetizer, and then for my entrée I had lobster risotto (which is a portion of the lobster three ways but I love the Risotto).  For dessert I opt to forgo so I can have my favorite drink the Sicilian Kiss.  In fact we head back to the Wheelhouse where I have another Sicilian Kiss.

Peter and Bernie

Pippa swears by the steak served in Sabatinis

Pippa and I
Another great day on board.

Some of the events today from the Patter:  Bible Study, Bocce Ball, Golf and Croquet, Bridge Lecture, Sudoku, Trivia, Holiday Store at Sea, Shopping Spotlight Show, Zumba, Service Club Get Together, Pin Pong Play, Casino Introduction, Egg Drop Sign Up, Texas Hold’Em Tournament, Naturalist Lecture (Exotic Marine Life off Mexico), Photography at Sea, Art Auction, Duplicate Bridge Play, Pop Choir Rehearsal, Closest To The Pin, Ballroom Dance Class, Arts & Crafts – Box Making, Bingo, Singles & Solos Afternoon Tea Get Together, Jewish Sabbath Eve Service, Who Sang What?  Featuring Totally 80s, Production Show – Stardust, Majority Rules, Comedian Jim MacDonald.


Movies today:  Big Miracle, John Carter, Men in Black 3, Snow White and the Huntsman



  1. Your room is noisy because it's above the theater right? Can you remind me please what deck and cabin you have so I can make note to avoid thanks.

    Also what's in that lovely drink you enjoy so much.

    Carry on enjoying for us all x

  2. C212 - i will get back to you on drink recipie amaretto, kahlua, vodka and something elese