Wednesday, September 26, 2012

San Francisco September 26

We are up and taking our time getting up and about as we can hear everyone around our cabin clearing out of their staterooms getting ready to get off the ship.  We know we don’t have to rush, we are staying! 


For breakfast we head to the Amafi dining room and have a nice meal.  Nothing better than to be served breakfast from so many attentive crew that can’t do enough for you.  We say goodbye to Jacques the Maitre d’Hotel as he is heading home to Dominican Republic.  A quick chat with Douw to see if there is anything he wants us to pick up in San Francisco but he is good he says.


We are docked and people are getting off, we head back to the cabin get our stuff and we on land again around 10:30.  The Disney Wonder is docked right beside us at Pier 35.  I do look forward to the day San Francisco builds a new pier to replace this warehouse looking pier.


Our first stop is the Starbucks stop for beverage and people watch.  Next stop was for some wine at Cost Plus then to meet Barb and Craig, and Russel and Gail for lunch.  It was great seeing them all and to catch up.  Just wish they were getting on the ship with us!

After lunch we make our way back to the ship and there is absolutely no line up as it is 2:45.  We get on and head to the cabin and relax while the Muster Drill is going on (we received notification that we don’t have to attend as we are on a back to back).  But before it is over we head up to the Sun deck to take some pictures and we are pulling out!  Horn blares and we are off. 

view of the Golden Gate from inside - too darn cold

this was taken earlier in the day when it was warmer

But damn it is cold!  Wind is howling and clouds are above, the Golden Gate is barely visible.  I am freezing, hard to believe just two days ago we in t-shirts/shorts in Vancouver, and people were in the pool cause it was so warm, but here in California we are COLD.  We head in and relax in the cabin, housekeeping has come to deal with the bed issue and has made it perfect. 


We are due for a quiet night, no dining room for us just Horizon Court and early bed.


But as I lay here I can hear music blaring!  This is the first I hear but now I realize it is coming from the Princess Theater, they must be rehearsing.  It is loud!  Certainly would never choose this cabin again as we must be right above the theater even though we are three decks up, but it must be below as the ceiling in there is high. 


  1. CC Name: IECalCruiserSeptember 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM

    The wine is Ferrari Carano and they served the Merlot at our Chef's Table on the Golden this month. We have done the Thermal Suite twice and didn't have the crowding problem you are experiencing. They must has seriously oversold! At $130/couple for a week in Alaska it was a reasonable value but we did it again on the Sapphire our next cruise to Mexico at $99/person and did not feel it was worth the cost. I did fall asleep on those heavenly heated benches almost every time, but never made anyone wait for my space.

  2. I was in San Francisco that evening for about an hour to have one last bowl of clam chowder before heading home on a red eye flight. It was a very busy day in town! We might have passed each other one the streets as I always park at the Safeway store, shop there, at Trader Joe's and World Market too! Small world!

    I am enjoying your blog!