Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Think it is Saturday

Darn the clock says 5 am!  What is wrong with this picture?  I am on vacation!  I read for about an hour and then decide I may as well get up.  I quietly get dressed and head out.  I love wandering the ship at this hour, everyone is just waking up.  I do take the time to get a few pictures of some of the public areas while they are quiet for my facebook fan page photo albums. 

The dining room opens at 7 am and I have a nice breakfast of an omelet with toast.  Then off to get my latte in the Piazza and do some reading and chatting with some fellow passengers.

I decide to head over to the Vista Lounge to see Peter (Captain Circle Host) and Pippa (Future Cruise Consultant) discuss Princess’ Loyalty Program and then Pippa discussed cruise itineraries for the Americas.  Again another first for me and even though I know most of this it is nice to learn that this is offered so I can advise my fans on my facebook page of this information.

Need to get a workout in and we are up in the gym around 11 am, it is still busy, unfortunately two of the treadmills are down but only one has a sign and the other hasn’t been tagged yet with a sign so it constantly has people getting on trying to fix it.  I try to report the machine to staff but can’t find the gym staff, then I see they are both in a lecture.  For anyone that needs to keep active on a cruise the ship’s gym is very adequate with numerous cardio machines, free weights and weight machines.  Not to mention a huge variety of group classes including spinning, yoga, Pilates and Zumba.

For lunch we just head down to the International CafĂ© and I have a bowl of potato soup (very good) and a sandwich.  I have a mousse for dessert at the staff’s recommendation and it is very yummy.  Then end the meal with a nice iced latte.  It is great to sit here and people watch.


As mentioned yesterday Bernie volunteered to take part in the Runway At Sea today.  He changed into his outfit and we head to the Explorer’s Lounge for the show.  The stage is set up to look like a make shift runway and Brittany the Shopping Host MC the show.  There were about ten models of all ages, both Men and Women and it was a great way to see some of the outfits that are offered on board.  I was impressed and really didn’t realize what could be put together as an outfit from the shops.  Oh and Bernie did great, he carried Jasper (our mascot) with him and he had some fun with his little modeling experience, flashing a bit of shoulder.  He is in his element, even if he doesn’t think so.


Bernie is tired, but the movie Men In Black is playing in the Theater and we can hear it in our cabin, so I want to get out on deck for some sun so I leave him and head up to the Sun deck and sit out for about an hour reading but having trouble keeping my eyes open.  So I am back in the cabin, the movie should be finishing soon so I should be able to get a nap in now. 

I wake around 5:30 to the rehearsal in the theater.  Now I wasn’t sleeping that soundly anyways.  Now I will state that we did tell the Purser’s Desk about the cabin situation and since the ship is full it is difficult as there are no cabins available.  We are offered a cabin all the way forward on Emerald deck – an Ocean View Obstructed, but I don’t think that would be a good cabin either as it too is above the Princess Theater and it’s window is right outside the higher level of the Promenade Deck.  Makes no sense to change from one bad cabin to another so we will stay put unless something better comes up.  We do understand that we did choose this cabin and we will make due if we have to.  But will make note to not pick a cabin in this area again.  Thought it would have been fine but didn’t take into consideration how high the area right above the stage went, obviously right to Caribe deck and cabin 212.

We have dining reservations in Portifino tonight for 7:45 for the two of us so we stop in Crooners for a drink prior and then head off for our meal.  Tonight Douw the head waiter has a treat for us.  The menu is Princess Dinner for those that are interested, but we have the pleasure of being served a special menu prepared by one of the Indian Chef’s.  Oh My God it is good and we know this is a special treat.  We get to meet the Chef and thank him personally and make sure to tip our wonderful wait staff Antonio from the Philippines and Ajay from India as well as the Chef.  We really appreciate all that they have done for us, but we feel awkward with all the special treatment.  Even Ajay brings us a Chai Tea bag (from his personal supply!) and insists we have it as he is impressed that we love Indian food so much.

Antonio, Douw (with Jasper) and Ajay
There is a lot going on tonight.  The production show is Destination Anywhere but we have seen it before and when we get out of dinner we are drawn to the music and show playing in the Atrium.  Juggling Champions Team Rootberry are performing.  They are very very good!  I am sorry I missed the beginning of the show.  After their performance Tempo Quatro performs in the Atrium and people area dancing everywhere. 

We make our way to Explorer’s Lounge and the 50’s Rock and Roll Night is going on, great music is playing and we grab a drink and enjoy.  Karaoke starts right after so we grab our drink and head next door to the Wheelhouse and listen to Maxman Duo for a bit.

We are really enjoying the variety of entertainment on board and we like how the bands tend to move around each night to different venues. 

It is 11 pm and the clocks go forward tonight so we hit the hay after another great day and night on board the Star Princess.

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