Friday, September 28, 2012

Thursday Evening

Catalina Island
We are relaxing in the cabin, enjoying a glass of Norton Reserva from Chile.  But we know we have to get dressed and head out.  Our evening starts with heading down to Explorer’s Lounge to participate in the TV Theme Trivia, we join a lovely couple from the San Francisco area and we don’t do too bad but we did have fun.  Zara hosted and we love Zara.

Douw, Jasper and Bernie

We decide to get some dinner now and head to Portifinos for a meal, this sailing Portifinos is being used for early traditional dining at 5:30 but opens for anytime at 7:45.  We have no problem getting a table at 8:15 and Douw takes very good care of us as usual.  Our assistant waiter is on his first cruise on his first contract and you can see he is nervous but does a great job.  I skipped the appetizer and salad and went straight for a lovely chicken dish that was served with carrots, asparagus and zucchini.  Then of course dessert of cream Brule! We also enjoyed a bottle of Wolfe Blass, and corked the remaining wine for another time.  Princess now gives you a little ticket that states the wine and your cabin number and where you dined.  They have done this for awhile now but we always seem to loose the little ticket, but they still are able to locate the wine.

We discuss options for dinner tomorrow and decide since tomorrow is formal night we would try and get a reservation for Sabatinis – Douw runs off and comes back with a confirmed reservation for Friday at 7:30.  Wow thanks for the personalized service Douw!  But all the head waiters are amazing and bend over backwards for all passengers.


We decide after dinner to check out the comedian Jim MacDonald in the Princess theater.  We join Murray and his friends (cruise critic friends).  Jim MacDonald we have sailed with before in fact we have probably seen his shows about 5 times but we love his video montage he does at the end.  My favorite line was “all the teens sailing, trying to be cool, yeah dude it is spring break and I am on a cruise”  yeah but not so cool that you have to share a cabin with your grandmother.  Laughing!!!  So if you are on a ship with Jim make sure you check out his show. 

It is now 11 pm and it is rather quiet around the ship except for the jazz band in the atrium and lots of people listening, they are very good.  We wander around the outside Promenade and then head back to the room.  Clocks go forward tonight and I swear as soon as our heads hit the pillow we are out!

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