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Dec. 16 At Sea

My favorite days, sea days, and after five port days in a row I am ready for a day on board of pure relaxation.

My two coffee cards have been completely used up and I don’t really want to buy a new coffee card since this ship doesn’t have the specialty teas we are wanting so I will just purchase my latte per cup which is $2.50.I will note that we have a feeling that they are probably going to change the specialty tea brand.After seeing a huge box (like a case each of 1000 tea bags) of the orange, black, mint Revolution Brand teas in Horizon Court offered for free beside the regular tea makes me wonder.And since they don’t appear to be ordering any new English Breakfast, I bet they are getting rid of this tea because they are going with a new brand.
The Bijoux sale is going on in the Michelangelo dining room – it is zoo in there.I stop in to check it out and everything Baltic is on sale, checked out some flip flops but there are four flip flops there and they are all left ones!The regula…

Dec. 15, 2011 - St. Thomas

We are back in St. Thomas, we are a little late docking but really who counts 10 minutes as late but I am surprised because it seems that every port we have docked early, but today we are a little later than normal.Bernie heads off to get the latte (my last punch on my coffee card) and his tea.We are not in any rush as the water taxi doesn’t leave until 10:30.

We get off around 9:40 and walk towards the marina and take a seat at the outdoor restaurant where we enjoy a mango smoothie.  The restaurant is right at Crown Bay Marina right where you catch the water taxi - note there is also a small grocery store where you can pick up soda or beer for your trip over.Oh my goodness we are the only people (other than the post delivery person) on the water taxi.That is a first!We buy return tickets ($10 each - $5 each for one way) and when we get to Honeymoon bay there are less than six people there.

We are in heaven!I float while Bernie swims, we tan, we walk, we enjoy a beverage and we are so h…

Dec. 14, 2011 - Antigua

We are now docked, it is 9 am and there are two other ships in port.It is very muggy and today I am the one to make the latte and tea run and we sip the drinks on our balcony until we can no longer handle the oppressive heat.We try to watch the morning show but I guess someone forgot to turn it on as it is not showing.

We head up to the Horizon Court for breakfast, which is not my favorite place to have breakfast.I can’t handle the crowds, and the eggs Benedict I had today was cool and the muffin was barely toasted.There are a lot of older people on board and dodging walkers/scooters etc is getting to us.We walk on the Lido towards Horizon Court where really only two people can walk side by side because of the tables/chairs and the walkers stopped dead in their track to talk to others, not only once but twice!It was like a traffic jam on Lido.I have a lot of patience but this is getting to be too much, you have to strategically choose your path when moving about the ship and often we…

Dec. 13, 2011 - Barbados

I wake up to the ship pulling into the pier, we are docking early and well I am awake, but as I lay there after we pull in I find I am out like a light again.Bernie is up though and is playing chess on the computer until I wake around 8:30.We dress and head down to Da Vinci for breakfast.We have a lovely breakfast at a table for two with a view of the water (Francesco takes care of us) – today was eggs Benedict (although I have been able to order it even if it isn’t on the menu) but when it comes the hollandaise is hard from sitting under the heat lamps but the eggs are good.

We fix up the situation with our future cruise credits to make sure we both have three in total.Then we meet up with Al who is getting off today and chat with him for about an hour in the coffee bar.It was very nice sailing with him again and getting to know him better.He isn’t just a friend anymore, he is family and we are looking forward to when he comes to Vancouver next Spring so we can show him around, and yo…

Dec. 12, 2011 - St. Lucia

We are pulling in, and oh wow we are facing the pier, this is the first time we dock with the Starboard side on the pier side.It is HOT, MUGGY, this is the Caribbean after all.We are not in any rush to get off, the ship is doing their emergency drill and so there is announcements and alarms.Funny how so many passengers are confused about this drill even though the Captain comes on and tells everyone this is for crew only.

We decide to head to the beach, to the one that Bernie found last February.It is called Malabar beach and it is within walking distance and close to the airport.We pack up our gear, slather on the sunscreen then head out.

To get to this beach you walk out of the pier area to the main road.There is a Texaco gas station turn left here.Continue walking till you come to the airport runway and turn right and basically walk around the runway.We continued walking past the Rendezvous resort to the left and went to the cemetery and walked thru it to the beach.We found a very s…

Dec. 11, 2011 - St. Kitts

We dock at 8 am and people are rushing off, normal for a first port.We are not in any rush to get off we have our coffee on our balcony and a muffin and we can see some showers in the distance and since we are going to the beach, there is no sense heading out now.

We head ashore around 10:30 and catch a taxi to South Friar’s Beach – taxi is $16 for the two.  We are dropped off at Ship Wreck restaurant/bar and the showers start again.We hold off getting beach chairs until the showers stop.About 20 minutes later we grab two lounge chairs under a palaypa for $10 total.This is the life, a little swimming, a little snorkeling (which was just okay) and some suntanning.We arranged for our taxi driver to come back around 2:30 and there was 8 of us, now for some reason the price to go back is $4 each, when we came here we were by ourselves and it was $16 or $8 each we tipped $2 extra then but since he charge for the 8 of us $32 total we didn’t tip more.We walked around the stores a little but e…

Dec 9 & 10, 2011 - At Sea

I wake up around 7:30 and as we relax for a bit Bernie heads out for the latte and tea.There is zumba class today at 9:15 but it is back up at the Calypso pool, not my favorite place and since the weather is overcast and it had rained very early this morning it is very windy and doing the class up there in the sun and with the wind interfering with the sound is something I don’t enjoy so I think I am going to pass today.

For those interested events today are:ping pong challenge, service club get together, scholarship@sea bridge lecture, morning trivia, bingo, pub lunch, movie Secretariat, paddle tennis, shopping show, slot tournament, free digital photography seminar, book club (book is One Day), wet, wild and wacky pool games, dance class, bar wars, art auction, water volleyball, line dance class, matinee movie: Bridesmaids, golf chipping, movie:Arthur, afternoon trivia.
Tonight is a formal night and the show tonight is “What a Swell Party, Justin Flom (again the Patter is showing his …