Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec. 11, 2011 - St. Kitts

We dock at 8 am and people are rushing off, normal for a first port.  We are not in any rush to get off we have our coffee on our balcony and a muffin and we can see some showers in the distance and since we are going to the beach, there is no sense heading out now. 

We head ashore around 10:30 and catch a taxi to South Friar’s Beach – taxi is $16 for the two.  We are dropped off at Ship Wreck restaurant/bar and the showers start again.  We hold off getting beach chairs until the showers stop.  About 20 minutes later we grab two lounge chairs under a palaypa for $10 total.  This is the life, a little swimming, a little snorkeling (which was just okay) and some suntanning.  We arranged for our taxi driver to come back around 2:30 and there was 8 of us, now for some reason the price to go back is $4 each, when we came here we were by ourselves and it was $16 or $8 each we tipped $2 extra then but since he charge for the 8 of us $32 total we didn’t tip more.  We walked around the stores a little but every store in every port is the same and we really don’t need another t shirt.
beach at South Friars - sand is black because of the volcano

beautiful spot, very quiet

We are back on board around 3:45 and I head up to the Horizon court for some salad then back to the room for sailaway.  One thing I should mention that is odd is we have always faced away from the pier when we have docked.  We have a starboard cabin and we have always faced the ocean for every port so far.  Also tonight the Captain did sound the horn before we left, I figured someone wasn’t on board.  We left a little late and sounded the horn again, but realized that this new Captain just likes to sound the horn, kind of like all the taxi drivers in all the ports we have visited.  It was a beautiful sailaway and the sunset is stunning.  I do see a storm ahead so I am anticipating showers. 

Tonight no big plans, it is Princess Dinner theme in the dining room.  Not sure what we are doing if we are eating there or the Horizon Court but we are both being really lazy right now and it is 6 pm.  Tonight’s show in the Princess Theatre is Boogie Shoes and Tim is doing the yes/no game again.
Tomorrow is St. Lucia and again we don’t have any plans, we will see how we feel when we get up.

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