Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1, 2011 Aruba

December 1 – Aruba

We dock early and lots of people are getting off.  We have been here so many times, it isn’t one of our favorite places but we do need to go ashore for a few items. 

After breakfast we head ashore and head to the local Starbucks and people watch.  Then we head out to get our friend Yvonne her Aloe Vera Body Lotion that is made here.  We first head to the local grocery store but they no longer seem to carry any of the aloe products.  So we head to another store that is very close by and buy it there, still the same price as before $12; however we do notice that some of the stores no longer are carrying it in the tube but in a rounder bottle with a pump and only a few more ounces for $23. 

We are back on board at noon.  We had thought about going to the beach in the after via the bus but once back on board the sun deck was calling and that is where we ended up.  We had lunch up there (Bernie a hamburger and me a slice of 3 cheese pizza and a salad) and then sun tanned and swam until around 3 pm.

Relaxing in the room before dinner, we got our bottle of champagne that a friend (Alice) sent us and enjoying it.  One of the perks of the mini is the bathtub so a long soak is in order.

We decide to head to dinner early, we are at the dining room by 5:45 (earliest meal but I am wanting an early night).  We sit with two other couples and well all I can say is one couple was not nice at all.  You know the type, the ones that know everything, the ones that complain and demand things, the ones that correct everything you say, ones that talk and talk about themselves and never ask you a question.  We had just barely ordered our meal and I wanted to leave the table!  The couple was from New York (thankfully we know that state does have nice people too) and she looked at us and finally asked the only question of the evening “and what state are you from?” I looked at her and said “we aren’t we are from a province, British Columbia” and she with a heavy British accent repeats British Columbia.  Oh my I am thinking, just nod Vickie, smile, be polite, make your Mom proud.  I did well until he commented that this was their eighth cruise and they know all the ins and outs of Princess.  Then I couldn’t hold it any more, I was done with them, I smiled and said “oh you are just new cruisers, we are on our 26th with Princess”.  That shut him up for a bit.  We excused ourselves before dessert. 

Bernie still wanted dessert so we went up to the CafĂ© Caribe for dessert and tea and giggled about our dinner companions.  I feel bad for the other couple, they were very nice and we did enjoy talking with them.
The ship is now all decked out with decorations.  There seems to be a Christmas tree everywhere, with bows all over the atrium railings. 

Bernie is still out there, I think he was off to watch a Movies Under the Stars Cowboy and Aliens.  The production show tonight is Motor City. 

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