Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dec. 3, 2011 - Grenada

We don’t dock until noon and we are relaxing in the cabin first thing.

ship's tour, a little crowded
We head ashore and decide to walk and explore the city a little more.  We have been here a few times prior I really want to head thru the tunnel and explore the other bay.  We walk all the way over to the marina (about an hour walk) then head to BBs for lunch.


We have been here before too, at Tim -- the cruise director’s recommendation and have decided to head back.  As soon as we walk it we hear a big HIGH from BB and Anna the server, Anna remembers us and points to the Canadian pins we gave them the last time we were there.  One thing you have to get when you are at BBs is their rum punch.  So yummy and loads of fruit so I say it is healthy.  We see Kevin and Davette (the shopping hosts there).  We shared the appetizer of the crab in the shell, and then we shared an ordered of the curried goat. Very good!

wonder if we ate this crab's sister at BBs

the pins we gave BB the last time we visited

At BBs with the famous rum punch

my quote on BBs wall

Bernie's quote on BBs wall
We wander around, Bernie needs some cough medicine (yes he is fighting a cold, but hey it is better to have it here than at home I say).  We get some cough suppressant that is made on the islands and according to Bernie it works great.  Of course no stop to Grenada is done unless you pick up some spices and we need cinnamon so we get more.
a snowman made out of plastic cups
Once back on board we need a nap, yes cruising is hard work and you need to pace yourself!  So after a two hour nap we feel refreshed.  Our friend Al is now on board and we arrange for him to come over and have a drink. It is so nice to see him again and catch up, we haven’t seen his show since 2008, but did get to see him in February when we were getting off the Emerald and he was getting on.

Jasper tries out the inch of gold
The three of us headed down to Michelangelo Dining room around 7:30, the theme tonight is Italian night and we get a table in Ciska’s section.  I ordered the usual eggplant ptarmigan, spinach salad with vinaigrette, and for my entrĂ©e the chicken cutlets (which I do have to say I have had better).  For dessert nothing tickled my fancy so I ordered the volcano – Al tried it too as he had never had one and his comment was he thought he was going to blow up!

Ciska and Bernie with Jasper
Al and Jasper
Tonight is the Island Deck Party and neither of us feels up to it.  We usually love the Island Deck Party but we aren’t in the mood and it just isn’t the same without all our friends. 

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