Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dec. 2, 2011 - Bonaire

Up very early – woke up at 5 am and decided to head out and get my latte and wander the ship.  It is so neat to be walking around when the ship is so quiet.  But lots is going on, the crew are busy, some are setting up bars for service soon, food is going out in the International Café for breakfast rush, glass is getting clean, wood is getting polished, carpets are being vacuumed, and the Horizon Court is getting ready for the big rush.

A ship's tour

It must of poured rain earlier the whole deck is soaked, more than just a wash down, everything is wet.  After chatting with a guy he did say we hit a bit of a storm but now the sky is clearing and we are heading towards Bonaire.  I like to say they cleaned Bonaire for us.

We dock at 7 am and we can see the tours heading off shortly thereafter.  Weather is perfect, so we lather on the sunscreen cause when in Bonaire you have to snorkel.  When we do head off we walk to our left and just head into the water right from shore.  The fish are amazing, we feed them the mini wheats we brought from the ship and the fish just come and eat almost right out of our hands, there is about a 100 feeding off of one bag. 

After about an hour of snorkeling we head back to the ship to shower and then head back out for a bit of a wander and we head to the grocery store to pick up some local soda that is lime flavoured (very good with the vodka from the mini bar) and then we stop at a gelato bar for a couple scoops of ice cream.

We are leaving early today from Bonaire we have to be back on board for 1:30 and we head to the Horizon Court for a lunch, it is very very busy with the dining room closed for lunch on sea days.  (I later found out the dining room was open, it is only closed when in port for the entire day.)  The grill/pizza stations are also very busy.  I had a big salad and Bernie headed to the International café for soup.  Then a nap is in order, since I got up so darn early I am exhausted.
I went and ordered some roses for the cabin, six roses for $30 and they look lovely in the cabin and the smell is very nice. 
We head to Michelangelo Dining room and sit in Ciska’s section again.  For dinner I had the eggplant in puff pastry, a mixed salad and then turkey scaloppini for my main entrée.  For dessert I had the chocolate crepes.  We were sitting next to two women from Quebec (where I am from) who spoke only French so I chatted with them and then translated for Bernie.  They really enjoyed chatting with someone and since this was one of their first cruises they had lots of questions.

the ladies from Quebec

Tonight is Beattlemaniacs, we saw them getting on in Aruba. We missed the show in February we had to get there early and get two seats.  So right after dinner we head to the Princess theatre for the 10:15 show about a half hour early.  There are still lots of seats but it filled up very fast.  Note we did see lots of people heading to the early show very early, like an hour early, don’t know how busy the theatre was because I didn’t look but highly recommend you get there early.  This was the first time we saw the show and we LOVED it.  Tim the cruise director did mention that they will be doing a new show in two nights. 

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