Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dec. 13, 2011 - Barbados

I wake up to the ship pulling into the pier, we are docking early and well I am awake, but as I lay there after we pull in I find I am out like a light again.  Bernie is up though and is playing chess on the computer until I wake around 8:30.  We dress and head down to Da Vinci for breakfast.  We have a lovely breakfast at a table for two with a view of the water (Francesco takes care of us) – today was eggs Benedict (although I have been able to order it even if it isn’t on the menu) but when it comes the hollandaise is hard from sitting under the heat lamps but the eggs are good.
We fix up the situation with our future cruise credits to make sure we both have three in total.  Then we meet up with Al who is getting off today and chat with him for about an hour in the coffee bar.  It was very nice sailing with him again and getting to know him better.  He isn’t just a friend anymore, he is family and we are looking forward to when he comes to Vancouver next Spring so we can show him around, and you never know we may show up in Orlando, but highly unlikely he will be there as he is always away.  We giggle with him that we will be crying ourselves to sleep when he gets off for days.  Safe travels Al till we meet again.
We are not huge fans of Barbados unless we are doing Silvermoon Catamaran which is the best and especially when we do it with friends, but since it is just the two of us decide to lay low.  We do head off but just check out the shops at the pier and we relaxed and enjoyed a rum punch in the sun.  They have a Caraloha here too and this time I get two t-shirts and Bernie gets two more too. 
Back on board around 1:30, we sail at 4 and we order room service and we are relaxing in the cabin.
We watch a movie “Marshall” and then I watched “Amelia” on my computer, rough afternoon, then a nap.  But we are rested for the evening now.

Tonight is Italian night in the Dining Room so we head up to the Horizon Court for a meal.  We find we eat less when we go up there.  After dinner we head to the Explorer’s Lounge for the Multi Media Trivia and well, we sucked, yup that is putting it nicely.  We then catch up with some friends before heading up on deck for the Island Deck Party.  Jasper tags along and he gets right into the fun.  Normally this is one of our favorite nights on board but it is different without all our friends that we normally sail with.  Tim and his crew put on a good show (but please remove the hookie lau dance – it kills the spirit) and we dance and dance and crawl into bed around midnight.  We sleep like babies after all that dancing and a few beverages.

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