Friday, December 16, 2011

Dec. 15, 2011 - St. Thomas

We are back in St. Thomas, we are a little late docking but really who counts 10 minutes as late but I am surprised because it seems that every port we have docked early, but today we are a little later than normal.  Bernie heads off to get the latte (my last punch on my coffee card) and his tea.  We are not in any rush as the water taxi doesn’t leave until 10:30. 

Honeymoon Bay as we pass it first thing in the morning while we head toward Crown Bay
We get off around 9:40 and walk towards the marina and take a seat at the outdoor restaurant where we enjoy a mango smoothie.  The restaurant is right at Crown Bay Marina right where you catch the water taxi - note there is also a small grocery store where you can pick up soda or beer for your trip over.  Oh my goodness we are the only people (other than the post delivery person) on the water taxi.  That is a first!  We buy return tickets ($10 each - $5 each for one way) and when we get to Honeymoon bay there are less than six people there. 

ship decorated at the marina for Christmas
the water taxi schedule

such yummy mango smoothies

We are in heaven!  I float while Bernie swims, we tan, we walk, we enjoy a beverage and we are so happy. 

One of the tours from the ship arrives around noon.  The tour from the ship is the Catamaran tour and they spend about 1.5 hours at honeymoon bay beach for swimming and lunch and they paid $119 each!  I think we will stick with our $10 each trip.  After the group leaves we get something to eat from Heidi’s barbecue.  I have a drink and hotdog and Bernie has a soda and chicken Caesar wrap, both were so yummy.  We catch the 3:30 ferry back and head back on board. 

the ship's tour coming in
waiting for the ferry

waiting for the ferry

I am now enjoying a drink on the balcony as we sail away from St. Thomas.  Tonight is the Chef’s Dinner theme menu, we are planning on heading to the dining room for dinner.  Tonight’s entertainment is hypnotist Fernandes, who we have seen numerous times, comedy with Jay Moore and later tonight is the London Pub Night with the Cruise staff with the infamous “If I Was Not Upon the Sea”.  Also the Liar’s club is going on too.  Not sure what we will attend as of yet.
First stop is Vines, I have a white wine fight and Bernie enjoys a glass of wine and we get some sushi.  A few people we know are there and we chat and catch up before heading to the dining room for around 7:45.  

Joyce, Bernie and I

Like I had mentioned tonight is the Chef’s Dinner I start the meal with the goat cheese soufflĂ©, then the French Onion Soup, then I chose the fried chicken off the regular menu tonight, which I have to say was just okay, I have had it much better.  You could tell the meal had been sitting and the chicken was not crispy.  For dessert I opted for the cheese with a cup of mint tea.

We get out of dinner too late to catch the Liar’s club so we wander a bit and chat with passengers and crew and head to Explorer’s Lounge to catch Jay Moore the comedian.  I am sure we have seen him before but he does have some new jokes and he is funny but for us I would rate him so so and wouldn’t probably see his show again. 
It is just after 11 and with no nap for me I am beat! 


  1. Vickie:

    I love reading your posts as we are going on our first cruise 1/15/2011 on the Ruby Princess. I really want to do the Honeymoon Beach trip to Water Island. I found a video on You tube that tells you how to get there and walk from the dock to the beach. My question is "Is the walk from Phillips Landing to Honeymoon Beach safe?"
    This is the link to the video I found that tells you how to get to Honeymoonn Beach.

    Thank you for all your great tips on cruising.

    Ellen Cobb

  2. Thank you I am glad you find the blog useful. Re safety I would say water island is probably safer than most places in the US and Canada.