Friday, January 21, 2011

St. Thomas, January 20

St. Thomas
Water Island is always amazing. We caught the 10:30 ferry and there was quite a few of us, in fact they had to send the ferry back to catch the few that didn’t make it.

Christine enjoying wine on the beach

The hill up and then back down to Honeymoon Beach is a little bit of a trek but if you are use to walking then it won’t be a problem. Many of the locals will offer a ride with their golf cart if you ask nicely.

The beach was quiet – for about an hour – then a large catamaran arrive, a Princess excursion with about 60 people on it and they got off to enjoy the beach. Note when we got back on board we checked out the excursion and found out it was a $110 cost per person, they did stop at a snorkel spot and it did provide free beverages and lunch, but we opted to go there on our own, which cost $10 per person return for the water taxi, and we purchased our own beer at the corner store (brought a small cooler full of ice).

We all headed up for sailaway from the beautiful island of St. Thomas, Peter the Captain Circle Host came with us and it was nice to catch up with him. This is his second contract as a Circle Host, he came from the stores prior and he is doing a great job as a Circle Host, he met many of the Cruise Critic gang and well he is very happy that there is botex on board! Really is that a hint Peter! He certainly doesn’t need it!

Bernie, Peter and myself enjoying our mojitos
Bernie, me, Yvonne, and Christine
Bernie didn’t make it to the afternoon trivia as we were at the sailaway, but Anita went and her team came in second, but was saddened to report that there was no prizes handed out! Nope, the host said no prizes on times that we are in port. A little sad I feel, they could of handed out the Princess shopping bags at least.

Dinner in the Dinning Room was Princess Dinner theme. Francesco our matre d made us a special treat, we opted out of the appetizers and salad as he gave us wonderful bruchetta, escargot and then a lovely tomato and mozzarella salad. For the entre I had the beef strogonaoff, with sherbet for dessert, Bernie had the coffee crème brule.

After dinner we went to chat with our favorite Purser Kikki from Vancouver and got to know Robson who is from Brazil and we caught up with him and picked his brain about going to there next year. We then went to the 10:30 show that was a comedian – Rollin’ Jay Moore – who we have not seen before but after a half hour we left, he was not really our type of comedian and he kept referencing U.S. things that we had no idea what he was talking about.

We were asleep by 11:30 getting ready for Dominica. We are currently pulling into the pier for a 9:00 am departure, we have a group tour planned with Antours for River Tubing again, can’t wait it is so much fun. Oh and we are dock at the pier that is about a mile away from the town as there is another ship in port.

Water Island, here is a link on how to get here

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