Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Aruba January 24

I am up at 3:30 am!!! What I am on vacation, a little hungover from all those liquid beverages, okay I was bad but it was so fun. After tossing and turning I get up and write my blog from yesterday and around 6 am I am up and out of the room so I can let Bernie sleep.

First stop Horizon Court for breakfast, normally I try to stay away from the Horizon court for breakfast but first thing it is very very quiet and I grab a big bowl of fruit salad with cottage cheese and a latte and I am good to go.

I head downstairs and run into Alice so we chat in the coffee bar.

Today we are in Aruba and we are meeting up with Illene and Murray from the Celebrity Ship that is docked right beside us. We originally met them on the Emerald four years ago and have kept in touch with them via facebook and cruisecritic and we are looking forward to seeing them. Bernie has purchased some Cherry Blossom chocolate bars for Murray as a transplant Canadian in the States he misses them. We head over to the Renaissance Mall and Starbucks and get our fix for which we have been without for a week. The ship’s latte is good though, but I am addicted to Starbucks. We visit with Illene and Murray for over two hours.

The rest of the visit is spent running around getting a few items that we need from Aruba, namely the Aloe lotion that our friend in Vancouver loves and we have to stock up on.

We are back on board around 1:30 pm and we are back in the cabin ordering room service and a nap!

The Platinum and Elite lounge is offering the Japanese Slipper as the drink today and sushi for appetizer. Our Captain Circle Party is tonight and it is well attended in Club Fusion, there were two parties tonight and we were at the 7:30 party.

Rene (Future Cruise Host) with Jasper
Peter at the Circle party

Dinner is a little later tonight because of the party and we are at our table at 8:15, it is the Chef’s Dinner tonight but we are brought prosciutto and parmesan right away, then French onion soup, and a special pasta which I ended up having as my entre and Bernie had the rack of lamb. For dessert it is the ménage a trios the trio of desserts. We ordered one of our favorite bottles of wine the Pinot Grigio Dazante.

Audrey our server with Jasper
We have two more sea days now and they are always relaxing, but it is nice to know that we are staying on for the next sailing. The sales are really gearing up and you can see people spending more. The casino was hoping and is open 24 hours so you can get your gambling fix. We don’t usually engage in the casino but since it was a non smoking night it was nice to be in.

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