Monday, January 24, 2011

Bonaire January 23


I first will start out that last night’s deck party was a blast as usual, we danced danced and then danced some more, our clothes were soaked. The Princess dancers even made an appearance and did a great performance, and they were darn good, and not bad on the eyes! We didn’t make it back to the cabin until midnight!

Once again we wake to showers, but light showers and they soon end and the heat hits us. We are not scheduled to dock until noon so we have the morning to enjoy the ship.

Bernie has promised me breakfast in the dining room so we are off to the DaVinci dining room where we are sat at a table with two other couples, one from Israel and one from Delaware we had a great conversation with the couple from Israel and loved hearing about their travels and their family and promised to meet up with them again.

Around 10:30 we went up on deck to watch the sail into Bonaire, wow how beautiful and definitely not something to miss, you really need to go up on one of the higher decks to get a great view.

We are off the ship at 12:10 and we quickly hook up with Renee of we went with Bill and Cathy who have used Renee before and have raved about her and justifiably. She first takes us to a spot very close to the ship (her van can accommodate only 4 comfortably and she limits her tours to 5 maximum) we are in the water and Renee leads us and points to items then comes up and tells us what we are seeing, then she takes us a little way over and points to something else then comes up to tell us what this is. We are blown away not only by the amazing sea life her but by how many things we just would not of seen had it not been for Renee. We saw a flounder the size of a dinner large dinner plate that hid on the sandy bottom that we just would not of seen – she even pointed to a small crevice with a hole in it and guess what inside was an octopus.
yes there is an octopus in that whole and the pic above shows a flounder

spotted eel
She then takes us to our second dive spot at “the Plaza” where we go to a deep dive spot and then into a more shallow spot, where here Renee dives down and picks us a snake eel! The snake squirms but not before we all get a chance to see it. After about 2.5 hours we are back at the pier where we bid adieu to Renee and promise to be back soon.

Bernie and I head on board for a quick shower with every intention of going back ashore for some food and shopping but once on board and after the shower we both agree we want to rest. We grab a hamburger a lounge chair and our book and relax but we are both struggling to stay awake so we are back in the cabin around 4 pm and lay down for a quick nap for a half hour before we met up with Peter the Captain Circle Host.

At five pm we head up to Skywalkers where Peter is waiting for us and we are joined by Johannes (Customer Relations Manager) and we all enjoy some Cosmos and Champagne – isn’t cruising great. Jerry/Rose and Bill/Cathy soon join us and we laugh and chat and watch our sail away from Bonaire.

At 7 pm we head down to Vines to meet up with Peter again for sushi and wine, we enjoy a lovely bottle of Santa Margarita (well okay we actually enjoyed two bottles) and sushi. What is great about Princess is this bar called Vines which you MUST try, a huge selection of wines are offered by the glass too, and every night there are flight parings for you to sample as well. Sushi and tapas are also available complimentary with wine purchase. The staff there go out of the their way to ensure you are taken care of and just ask if you have any questions.
us with Peter John

Tonight Beetle Mania is being preformed in the Princess Theater we head down but we are late and it is difficult to find a seat, we could go to the later one at 10:30 but both us know we are not going to make it till then.

Oh I should add that Johannes brought out his moose to meet Jasper and they really hit it off, well they hit it off really really well that we had to give them their space in the cabin, just check out the pictures.

it's not called the love boat for anything
snoring away

 We watch a movie in the cabin (Social Network) and we are asleep by 11:00! And this morning I am suffering with a slight headache, wonder why?

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