Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Princess Cays - January 18

We dropped anchor not far from the beach in the Bahamas, also known as Princess Cays. We caught the tender at around 10 am and heading to the far left, past the music, past the restaurant, past the crowds and saw that Mike and Sue had got a bunch of chairs together and were relaxing waiting for us to arrive.

The weather was perfect, but that slight wind was misleading and kept us cool but trust me the sun was strong. We had a very relaxing and fun day frolicking on the beach, in the water and playing little jokes with each other.

Snorkeling was not very good because of the weather from yesterday the water was just not very clear. Lunch was the usual fare, hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, salad and fruit.

We had a few things up our sleeves too. I had done up a door sign for the entire cruise critic roll call that showed our sailing and ports. When I emailed it out to friends, one of our friends (Bill) decided to add actual pictures to the sign of all of us. Now some of these pictures were not flattering at all, so something had to be done. As soon as we returned to the ship I snuck down and took the sign off and came back to the cabin and scoured the People magazine for “new” “better” faces to past over. I then snuck back down and replaced the poster.


 We went up to Skywalkers for a drink in the Platinum Elite lounge (However we have not received our formal invite nor have we received the list of drinks and on which night there are on) we will talk to Peter about this tomorrow. Tonight is was a Rob Roy cocktail so I opted for the Key Lime Martini, very good by the way. We went and grabbled the last of the food items, and there was slim pickens and it was only 6:15.

Dinner was set for 7 pm in the Crown Grill and we were all looking forward to the meal. Jewel was our waiter and she was amazing, very attentive and accommodating. I worked hard at not overeating but man was I full. My one recommendation for Princess is that they should provide electric scooters at the door of the restaurant so you can take them back to your cabin, and if there are crowds in the way you can press a button that squeals out “Crown Grill” and the crowds would disperse, sort of like Mosses and the seas separating.

The Birthday crew all got their birthday cakes and got sung too, and a lovely take home treat wrapped up in foil that looked like a pretty hand bag.

Back to the cabin and a quick change and then back up on deck for a walk about to wear off some of this food.

Tomorrow is a quiet day at sea, we have our scheduled meet and greet with the cruise critic roll call for 10 am in Skywalkers.
Tonight is also our dinner in the Crown Grill for the eight of us, (Bill/Cathy, Mike/Sue, Rose/Jerry and us) now this dinner came about because last year Vancouver (where we are from) and Chicago (where Sue/Mike are from) were in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The bet was whoever won the series would treat the other to the meal at the Crown Grill. Well we lost, and we were prepared to treat, but first we needed to show where our support was. Bernie picked up some temporary tattoos with the Canucks Logo, and all six of us showed up at Skywalkers with our tattoos showing.

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