Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grenada, January 22

Grenada the Spice Island

We wake up to the ship’s thrusters pulling us into the dock. Celebrity is in port with us and the skies have opened and it is pouring rain. We meet up with Brian/Christine and Paul/Yvonne in the Coffee Bar with plans to go ashore and have a photo competition. Paul discusses the rules and the topic, today the photo topic is signs – so after the rain stops we head out, and man is it humid!

We trek around the town and up and down mountain sides, up to the Fort and then back down! Pictures are snapped everywhere trying to gain the prize.

hmmm which wig would look best?

This was at the entrance to the tunnels

A cold beverage is needed we all agree so we head to BB’s Crabback (which is recommended by the ship’s Cruise Director Tim)

Here is B.B. the chef at the restaurant

Anna takes care of us with a cold drink, beer for the guys and a rum drink made with fresh fruit juices. Bernie and I share the appetizer of crab and goat curry for our entrée with pumpkin fritters. All I can say is wow how good, and just over the railing we watch a guy snorkel for shells and he catches a octopus and show us, pretty neat.

We walk back to the ship as we depart early today, and all aboard is 1:30. We stop at the Coffee Bar for a drink and chat with the bar tenders as they are very busy. These workers are amazing, they really have patience, certainly more than either of us could handle. As we sit there we see two couples beside us who personally I would of reached over and strangled.

Crew on board the Emerald are amazing and go so far out of their way to accommodate all our needs. Nicola the Matre D’Hotel has been so wonderful and we are glad we got the chance to say thank you personally today to him. Kikki and Nicole, oh and Robson at the front desk make us feel so special and their quick hello to us as we pass makes us feel special. Peter at the Captain Circle Desk is such a joy to be around, you can certainly see the extra effort he puts in to make all the passengers not just the past passengers but the new ones feel special.

Tonight is the first of two Captain Circle gatherings. Tonight is all the white hot deck party, (we will miss you Karen) which we hope to make it to as it is always a guaranteed good time. I also took part in the elevator roulette at the aft elevators where I met four lovely ladies from Victoria who I was glad to see won the last round.
I am sitting here enjoying a glass of white wine with some cheese and fruit as I wait for Bernie to come back from the afternoon trivia.

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