Saturday, January 29, 2011

At Sea January 28 and 29

Sea days, ahhhh

What it is 8:30 am, man did I sleep in, and I head out to the balcony to read and Bernie sleeps until almost 9 am. I am heading up to our Cruise Critic meet and greet and Bernie is off to trivia.

We meet up in the International CafĂ© later for coffee and are soon joined by Colin/Gwenda and we catch the martini demonstration, and have to say I’ve seen a lot of these demonstrations but this has to be the best one I have ever seen, the three bartenders are amazing. And I answered one of their questions right and got a cosmo, pretty sad looking drinking a martini at 11:00 am, but heck someone has to do it.

We head to the pub lunch for 1:00 pm in the Wheelhouse and enjoy some fish and chips and then I decide I want to finally buy something on board. I pick up a lovely pull over made by Tommy Bahamas that is on sale for 10% off and then with our elite and coupon it is another 20% off. I also buy a nice rainbow Swatch Watch, and now can wear it with “Pride”.

I am back in the cabin relaxing before heading up to Skywalkers. Tonight is another formal night but we are opting out. We will dine in the Horizon Court and will catch a movie under the stars.

Muts is showing Switch and we grab a lounge chair and an ice cream cone and settle in for the movie, about a half hour in they come by to say it is going to rain in 15 minutes, so we take cover, well I take cover Bernie gives up and heads to the room. And sure enough the sky opens up and it pours, but it is still very warm I am okay as I am under the a roof but others run to not get wet. After the movie it is back to the cabin and guess what I watch another movie! Flipped is the movie this time and it is very cute.

Andrea from the Pursers' desk with her Moose pencils Bernie gave her - she did share them

We don’t sleep in as late this time, 7:30 we are up and we meet up with Brian/Christine and Paul/Yvonne for breakfast in Da Vinci… Brian says today is poached eggs on toast so I listen to him.  After breakfast I do five laps on the Promenade deck and decide time to get some sun where once again we meet up with B/C and Y/P, we catch some rays and Paul and Brian head off to get us all Gyros from the grill at lunch. We hang around the pool area until 2:00 pm and we relax in the cabin until I go to Zumba class at 3:15… now that is fun and it was packed in there. This poor woman next to me took the space for three people with arms flying legs every which way and no rhythm to speak of but she was having fun.

Tonight we will head up to Skywalkers and enjoy a cocktail and watch the sunset, tonight we are having dinner in the dining room, can’t remember the menu but I am sure it will be great and Francesco promises us we will love it. We are in Antigua tomorrow and we are very excited.

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  1. So seriously, do you miss us yet?
    Love, Sue and Mike