Sunday, May 13, 2018

Last Night with Shelley and Rob

When we were planning our last night we asked Shelley and Rob if we could stay with them.  "Of Course" was their response.

I first met Rob almost 20 years ago when we both transferred to Port Coquitlam garage.  We were assigned to the same route training.

We became fast friends and we were invited to his house to meet his family.  Shelley (Rob's wife) and I hit it off right away and our friendship only grew as the years progressed. 

She has been there so many times for me.  Such a kind giving soul.  I am blessed to call her friend.

We decided to get them a little gift to remind them of us.  A garden gnome that makes us think of the Travelocity gnome was perfect.  We signed the back and when they look at it they will know we are travelling and we are happy.
Shelley and Rob have two children Katrina and Devin and they were only little at the time that we became friends.

Devin - the oldest - has always been an old soul.  So kind, caring and helpful.  We are so happy to see him married and now a firefighter.

Katrina is a beautiful soul and I saw so much of me in her. I knew she was brought into my life for a reason.  She has touched my life so much as the years have passed.  And I know I have made a difference in her life too.

Today is Mother's Day and we are honoured to be included in the celebrations.

Katrina (now an adult) has invited us to her and her partner's (Rob) home for dinner.  Devin and his wife Justine are now expecting their first child.  We are so excited for them.

The meal was fabulous, lots of memories were shared along with lots of laughs.

The time had come to say goodbye and I really thought I could say goodbye to Katrina and stay strong.  But when she said to me... I am a strong woman because of you Vickie.... I broke down.  

I have always felt that it was key to be a positive role model to all children out there, especially young girls.  Katrina and I spent a lot of time together as she grew up.  

Whether it was picking her up at elementary school then heading to Dairy Queen for ice cream and just chatting.  Or as she grew up and was attending College and she would house sit our home as we travelled. To sitting on the couch sharing a glass of wine we would chat about all that was happening in her life.  

In fact last Fall we were in Barcelona with her and Rob and we were able to meet up there.

I am so proud of her and I have to admit that saying goodbye was very hard. But we have promised to come out for her wedding - whenever it is --- Rob???

Back at Shelley and Rob's place we are so touched and honoured to have such great friends.

We will miss you both so very much.

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