Monday, May 7, 2018

Actually Bought Something For Our LONG Trip

With less than a week to go until we leave we are busy seeing friends for lunches, dinners and drinks.  Thanks Joanne for the lovely get together today.

While driving home from lunch today we discussed buying a cooler.  Originally we decided on bringing a small collapsible cooler for fruit, drinks, cheese, butter, but then soon realized this could be more of a bother than an asset.  How would we freeze the ice packs.  Will it keep it cool enough?  Is it too small? Will we be dealing with ice cubes in bags - and oh what a hassle.

So we decided that buying a small electronic cooler that we can plug into the car to keep things hot or cold is perfect.  We will try and have snacks in it and even leftovers so we can stop and have light meals or for when we go hiking.

Oh and the best thing Bernie says is we can buy wine and have it chilled when we get to the hotel at night.

Gee I married a smart guy!

Feels weird to buy something and bringing something into the apartment since all we seem to be doing is getting rid of things.  

Every day we have people picking up things. 

The apartment is getting emptier by the day.  I feel like I am living like I did when I first move out on my own.

Boxes are acting as end tables.  Kitchen chair is used as balcony chair, desk chair and of course kitchen chair.  The one lamp we have keeps getting moved from living room to bedroom depending where we need it.

It is actually kind of funny!  

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  1. Great investment!

    Ten years ago we bought a similar one for our first X-country trip across the US. And we still have it! The only time it had a difficulties keeping things cool was while we were crossing the desert in 100+ degree temps. I'm sure the technology has improved since then and it's always easily remedied with a ziplock bag of ice, right?

    Safe travels to you and Bernie. Looking forward to following your new adventure. And hope to meet you on the Royal next February. We will be joining the Grand Adventure in Buenos Aires.